Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice DP Shares New Look At The Knightmare Scene


Following his departure from the DCEU, whether he was relieved or withdrew voluntarily, Zack Snyder has essentially gone it alone regarding the purging his now obsolete vision. As of late, however, the Saturn Award winner has seen storyboard artist, Jay Oliva – who’s been a veritable treasure trove of DCEU minutia – and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice cinematographer, Larry Fong, assist with some of the heavy lifting.

Speaking of Dawn of Justice, the DCEU founding father, perhaps most notably, recently expunged the significance of the Knightmare vision experienced by Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) in the divisive motion picture. Long story short, The Flash (Ezra Miller) is running on the cosmic treadmill in order to deliver the ominous warning to Bats. Having confirmed that the NetherRealm Studios video game, Injustice, did indeed influence the Knightmare scene, I’ll let you draw your own conclusion as to what Snyder had planned for the DCEU in the future.

To assist with your deducing, though, Larry Fong – who could be found interacting with fans and followers on Twitter this past weekend, discussing the much-maligned shared universe – shared a short clip from behind the scenes of the Knightmare sequence, which you can check out below. Granted, the footage is brief, but it does provide an interesting look at one of the more exciting components of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Unfortunately, the clip posted by Fong doesn’t really answer any of the many, and I do mean many, reaming questions we have about the infamous flashback. And unless Zack Snyder can indeed call Warner Bros.’ bluff and foot the bill to complete his cut of Justice League, we’ll likely never know how it all was intended to play out.

Still, we’re definitely enjoying these Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice BTS goodies and should any other ones surface, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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