Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice DP Shares Cool BTS Video


While the future of The Batman and the DC Extended Universe as a whole hangs in the balance after the poorly-received Justice League, it’s encouraging to see that there’s a fond affection growing for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice as of lateOver on Twitter at least, the love is certainly real, with cinematographer Larry Fong sharing some stunt footage from the film that was previously unseen until now.

Perhaps with all the uncertainty hanging in the air around whether or not we’ll see Ben Affleck don the Dark Knight’s cowl once more, film fans have realized what a sterling job he did as the Bat. Sure, his Bruce Wayne was basically just Ben Affleck in a cave, but he stands firmly as the best physical Batman that we’ve seen on screen.

Responding to the Bat-fest, Fong answered a Twitter user who questioned if he had a role in the Doomsday eye/laser-beam situation that provided the pic’s most memorable sequence. Although being slightly evasive, Fong responded with the following footage of the Caped Crusader diving from the fire escape on to a handily placed crash-mat. And…action!

Whether or not the footage ruins the magic of filmmaking or fascinates you depends on your point of view, but it certainly makes for an interesting watch. The scene shows Batfleck throw a gadget, possibly a Batarang or a grapple device from the platform (where does he get those wonderful toys?) before diving after it and getting a solid 6 for the landing.

After the lackluster Justice League, there’s something about this clip that makes you want to go back and watch Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice which, although flawed, comes across like a masterpiece after what followed. At least, that’s how we feel. If you disagree, feel free to sound off with some thoughts of your own in the comments section down below.