Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice May End Up Being Less Profitable Than Man Of Steel


Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is one of the most expensive movies ever made, so it turning a massive profit was always going to be tough. However, the latest blow to Warner Bros. is the news that it will likely make them only a $278 million profit, a figure which falls short of the $300 million they earned from Man of Steel.

However, does this mean that Warner Bros. are panicking about their DC Films slate? SNL Kagan analyst Wade Holden believes that while they’re more than likely not happy with these numbers, the studio probably isn’t planning on scrapping everything after Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice just yet:

“I’m sure that it’s a bit of a disappointment. They were probably hoping for box-office numbers similar to ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron,’ since ‘Batman v Superman’ had DC’s three most well-known comic book heroes together in the same movie” — Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. They have to be pretty satisfied; they probably aren’t elated.”

To be as profitable as the majority of Marvel’s movies, Batman vV Superman: Dawn of Justice needs to gross $1.15 billion, something which is damn near impossible at this stage as analysts now believe that even $1 billion is unlikely (its current worldwide total is $720 million and there are no more major territories for it to open in).

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is far from a box office flop, but this definitely isn’t the strong start to the DC Films Universe that the studio was hoping for.