Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Director Reveals The Details Of Robin’s Death

Just in case you’re wondering if Robin was actually in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice and you missed it, it’s only a statue of the character’s costume we see and it’s a very brief scene. Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne stops on his way past the suit for a mournful stare at the graffiti that covers the monument to his fallen sidekick, which reads “Hahaha, the jokes on you Batman.”

Now, while it may not have been immediately obvious to the causal viewer, comic book fans quickly guessed that this must mean that The Dark Knight’s nemesis, The Joker, had bumped off the Boy Wonder at some point – and they’d have been absolutely bang on.


Director Zack Snyder revealed to IGN that he had devised a backstory in which a “young Joker” had murdered Robin about 10 years before the events of Batman V Superman, and suggests that this loss had helped shape Bats into the much more ruthless Caped Crusader we first encounter in the film.

Of course, there may have been more than one Boy Wonder over the years, and many fans still hope to see the original Robin – Dick Grayson, not Nightwing – introduced into the DCEU at some stage.