A Beloved Adam Sandler Movie Is Arriving On Hulu Next Week

Adam Sandler

It often seems like you can’t get through any of Netflix’s menus without coming across at least one or two Adam Sandler movies. Be it something from his back catalogue or one of his efforts made specifically for the platform, it appears that he’s become a fixture of the streaming site. And given how often his films appear on the Top 10 charts, subscribers seemingly can’t get enough of him.

Indeed, the amount of Sandler-related content on Netflix is overwhelming, and there are currently no less than eleven of his films available at the click of a button. But Netflix isn’t the only streaming service where you can find Adam Sandler movies. In fact, next month will see one of his most beloved efforts hit Hulu, when 50 First Dates touches down on September 1st.

For those unfamiliar, the premise of the pic is that Sandler plays a man named Henry who’s afraid of commitment. That is, until he meets Drew Barrymore’s Lucy. Thinking he’s finally found the girl of his dreams, he can’t stop himself from falling for her. But then he learns that she has short-term memory loss, meaning that she forgets who he is after each date and he needs to win her over from scratch.

50 First Dates

With a 45% on Rotten Tomatoes, this is far from the actor’s best work as far as reviews go. But amongst his fans, it’s well-liked and a box office haul of nearly $200 million tells you that it certainly went over smoothly with general audiences. Which is par for the course for Sandler. Rarely do his films score well with critics, but they’re almost always popular with viewers.

Circling back to 50 First Dates, though, and it fits comfortably into the Uncut Gems‘ star wheelhouse, delivering exactly the type of watch you’d expect from Adam Sandler‘s comedic efforts. And fans will now be able to dive into it once more when it lands on Hulu next month, on September 1st.