Ben Affleck Has Deleted His Instagram Account

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck has deleted his Instagram account, and fans are talking about it in a Reddit thread. The actor was never a significant presence on social media anyway, but fans have noticed that with new movies on the horizon, it’s strange that he’d delete it before promotions started.

While social media has been an excellent tool to enjoy connecting with loved ones during covid, some find it leads to unnecessary stress. That’s a significant reason fans believe he deleted his Instagram account, just not wanting to deal with it anymore.

Comments ranged from agreeing with the sentiment of deleting social media to his management being in charge of it anyway. Noting it may not have been him behind the account in the first place.

This fan is considering doing the same thing themselves.

This user says he doesn’t need the stress anyway.

If he didn’t run it anyways, why would it matter if he deleted it?

Some users mentioned that he wasn’t even using the account, so keeping it up seemed pretty pointless.

This fan deleted Instagram as soon as Facebook bought it, and there were some who agreed with that sentiment, too.

Some fans said maybe it’s because the DECU doesn’t want him to leak any movie secrets.

Fans said it’s good for him; he should be doing what makes him happy.

Did you follow Ben Affleck on Instagram? Do you feel the need to deactivate social media every once in a while? Let’s talk about it.