Ben Affleck And Matt Damon May Reunite For Survival Drama A Speck In The Sea


One of the nicest sights that viewers at home could see from the celebrity minglings at last weekend’s Golden Globes was watching old friends Matt Damon and Ben Affleck chatting together. Now, the Oscar-winning screenwriters and longtime friends may be returning to the big screen as co-stars – that is, if Harvey Weinstein has his way.

The Weinstein Company recently bought the film rights to a recent New York Times Magazine cover story titled A Speck in the Sea, by Paul Tough. The article tells the incredible true story of two lobster fishermen, John Aldridge and Anthony Sosinski. Aldridge fell into the ocean in the middle of the night without a vest, while Sosinski woke up hours later to find his lifelong friend awash at sea. The frantic life-and-death situation eventually required the Coast Guard and other rescue operations to bring Aldridge to safety.

This powerful true story has the potential to be a thrilling and devastating drama, more along the lines of All is Lost than Captain Phillips. According to Page Six, Weinstein is considering Damon and Affleck to take on the roles of Aldridge and Sosinski, respectively. With their fame, friendship and connection to the Northeast, Ben and Matt seem like two of the most obvious choices for the drama. Although there is no writer attached to A Speck in the Sea, it would definitely be cool to see the duo tackle another script together.

Admittedly, the film does sound similar to the minimalist survival drama Gerry, a project that Damon made with Affleck’s older brother, Casey, for director Gus Van Sant in 2002. If Ben is too busy with his superhero agenda later this year, Casey could be a worthwhile substitute. Damon, meanwhile, has no major projects on the horizon, and should be able to take the role.

We’ll definitely keep you posted when we hear more but for now, tell us, do you want to see Affleck and Damon star in A Speck In The Sea?