Ben Affleck Reportedly Banned From No Time To Die Premiere

Ben Affleck

The coronavirus is still wreaking havoc across the globe and in particular, it’s hitting the movie industry pretty hard. Most theaters remain closed and though production on various projects is beginning to fire up again, you can hardly say that things have returned to normal.

Of course, all this has resulted in many, many blockbusters facing significant delays and one of the biggest to be pushed back is No Time to Die, the new James Bond movie. It was originally set for an April 10th release but now, it’ll be with us on November 20th. That’s still a long ways away and hopefully, the world will be in a better place by then, allowing for the film to make its premiere without issue.

But even if No Time To Die does arrive on time, it seems there’s one person who won’t be allowed to see it when it debuts. At least, not at the premiere. And that’s Ben Affleck.

According to NZ Herald, Ben has been asked by studio execs not to attend. The actor is, of course, dating No Time To Die star Ana de Armas, which is part of the reason why they don’t want him there.

“This premiere has been a long time coming and franchise bosses want the spotlight to be on the stars of the film,” said a source. “It would be a disaster if it was all about Ben’s mushy PDAs with Ana overshadowing the event. A circus sideshow is strictly off the menu and the head honchos want to keep it all on-brand.”

Though we’d advise taking this with a grain of salt for the time being, it would certainly make sense and especially given how big a deal No Time To Die is for the studio, it’s understandable that they want the focus to remain on the movie itself and not have the spotlight stolen away by anyone or anything else.

Of course, Ben could always see the film ahead of time via a private screening if he really wanted to, or just wait until it’s in theaters. Either way, though, don’t be surprised if he’s absent from the No Time To Die premiere.