Ben Stiller’s Horror Film Picked Up By Fox

An upcoming horror film to be directed by Ben Stiller has been acquired by Fox. The film – entitled The Mountain – was written by Helen Childress, who worked with Stiller on Reality Bites.

The Mountain is based on characters from the Edith Wharton novel, Summer, and will be about “a young woman who struggles to confront her destiny after stumbling upon a mysterious object that forces her to examine the secrets of her past,” according to Deadline.

Obviously, Ben Stiller is known for his comedies, while at the same time, he has made some past gems like Reality Bites, which seem to transcend his typical Meet the Parents shtick. In fact, Deadline says The Mountain will be in the vein of Rosemary’s Baby, a horror classic.

Personally, I love horror movies, and I love Ben Stiller so therefore, I should like this movie, right?

What do you think? Can Ben Stiller successfully direct a horror film?