Benedict Cumberbatch Says Avengers: Infinity War Is Mind-Blowingly Epic


At this point, Avengers: Infinity War doesn’t need anymore hype.

After the past two weeks brought with them an onslaught of marketing – in the form of set reports, photos and more – yesterday finally delivered that second and presumably, last trailer. And suffice it to say, it was everything we were hoping it would be.

Teasing exciting character moments, extravagant set pieces, a revealing look at Thanos’ backstory and so much more, anticipation for the event movie to end all event movies is now higher than ever. But just in case you needed yet another reason to head out to the theater on April 27th, Benedict Cumberbatch is here to give you just that.

Speaking to EW in a recent interview, the actor, who plays Doctor Strange in the MCU, promised that Infinity War is “mind-blowingly epic.”

“It’s just mind-blowingly epic. What I thought is, this just doesn’t stop. Once it starts, it does. Not. Stop. It’s just this horrible, brilliant, terrifying, at times funny, at times very moving, relentless action. It’s like everyone’s constantly in crisis, and catching up with themselves, and it’s really breathless to read a script like that.

This isn’t a slow burn. You’re really thrown in helter-skelter. [Laughs] It’s got a lot of facets to it, but I think the main one for me was just how utterly relentless the events and action were.”

Though he’s hardly the first cast member to promise us an incredible experience when we finally sit down to watch Infinity War next month, it’s still nice to hear how excited he is about the movie. Not to mention that we fully believe him when he says that it’s going to be an exhilarating ride.

Make no mistake about it, folks, Marvel’s upcoming blockbuster will be unlike anything else to come before it and we can hardly wait to see Earth’s Mightiest Heroes assemble to take on Thanos when Avengers: Infinity War crashes into theaters on April 27th.

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