A Surprising Benedict Cumberbatch Movie Continues To Dominate Netflix


Who wants to watch a Christmas movie in August? Apparently, a lot of Netflix subscribers do, because the 2018 animated film The Grinch is currently occupying a spot on the top 10 most-watched movies chart, hanging on to that snowy ledge at number 10 after floating in and out of the list for the past few weeks.

Benedict Cumberbatch lends his voice to the notoriously grumpy green guy who’s hatred for Christmas is all consuming. So when the holidays roll around, he intends to make the residents of Whoville share in his bitterness by stealing all of their presents.

The famous Dr. Seuss story has been told many times, of course. The most notable incarnations include the original 1966 animated short directed by Chuck Jones and the 2000 live-action remake starring Jim Carrey with Ron Howard behind the camera.

There was a whole generation of kids who grew up on the Carrey version and now we’re seeing the next wave embrace the 2018 film. Which probably explains why it’s still doing so well even in the heart of summer. Children are home now more than ever due to the pandemic, after all, so mom and dad are trying to keep them occupied by putting on The Grinch for the seventh time.

Then again, when it comes to Netflix’s Top 10 lists and the titles that sometimes show up on them, there’s often no rhyme or reason behind it. Why else would a forgotten Martin Lawrence comedy, National Security, make it into a spot on the most-watched movies list this week? In fact, the only trend I’ve been able to see is that people really like mediocre Gerard Butler films. Maybe that’s why he keeps making them, because they earn just enough to warrant more of them. Bring on the fourth Fallen, I say.

And bring on more of Benedict Cumberbatch, too, please. He’s terrific in everything he’s in and while The Grinch obviously appeals to a different demographic than say Sherlock or his MCU work, it’s still worth a watch.