Benedict Cumberbatch Reveals Which Of His Avengers 4 Co-Stars Are Naughty And Nice


When Thanos eradicated half of all life from the universe, he didn’t play favorites with the survivors, but if he did, then you could imagine he’d have a similar system for deciding to the one Benedict Cumberbatch was given for separating his Avengers 4 co-stars into two camps: naughty and nice.

In an interview with Radio Times, the Doctor Strange actor was asked which of these two groups numerous MCU regulars would fall into, and some of his answers may surprise you. First off, it turns out that Iron Man star Robert Downey Jr. is safe, despite Cumberbatch’s initial uncertainty.

“Naughty, very naughty, he’s so naughty,” the actor joked. “He’s actually incredibly generous, so he would go up to the nice list.”

His onscreen love interest Rachel McAdams naturally goes the same way, but if you think that Cumberbatch is just putting Strange’s friends and heroic peers on the nice list, the star also saves a spot for Tom Hiddleston.

As for the names condemned to the naughty list, the actors include Chris Pratt and Karen Gillan, the latter of whom Cumberbatch describes as “so badass, [he’d] have to put her on the naughty list.” Tom Holland, meanwhile, goes the same way because he “can’t keep his trap shut.” And which list would Cumberbatch put himself on? “I’d like to think, somewhere in the middle, like most of us,” the actor says with some hesitation.

This isn’t the first time in these last few days that Cumberbatch has failed to offer a definitive answer, with the star dodging a question earlier this month about whether Stephen Strange will be making a return in next year’s Avengers 4. Tom Holland’s failure to keep his trap shut, however, has already made it pretty evident that the Sorcerer Supreme will be making an appearance in the Avengers: Infinity War sequel, but we’ll find out for sure when the film hits theaters on May 3rd, 2019.