The 10 Best Indie Films Of 2014

The Grand Budapest Hotel - 64th Berlin Film Festival

2014 was one hell of a good year for indie film – so good in fact, that for this year’s list I’m ready to discount any pre-2014-Oscar releases in somewhat resolute confidence that I’ll still have badass set of movies on my hands by the time the dust has cleared.

But first, some pre-list disclaimers:

  1. I have not seen Inherent Vice. It’s not yet come out on this side of the Atlantic, and though I will wait with bated breath to catch it on opening night, I cannot comment on a movie I have not gotten the chance to sit through. The same applies to Selma. Please forgive me accordingly.
  2. While I enjoyed both Whiplash and Boyhood, I was not bathed in the kind of awe that appeared pretty much unanimous with the rest of the cinema-going public (I guess I’m just a moron). I know this is a bigger ask, but do try your best to bear with me.
  3. Nor have I seen Force Majeure. I’m pretty useless at this movie thing.
  4. As already mentioned, all Oscar race films from January and February of this year are to be discounted, meaning that if it had the chance to be up for awards last March 2nd, it cannot be on this list.
  5. Filth came out a year ago in Britain (thus its inclusion in my list of last year’s best indie flicks) and will thus be discounted from the running this year – though if I had my way I’d put it in this year and every year until the end of time.

With that out of the way, on with the list!