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The 10 best movies like ‘365 Days’

Sexy, steamy, and oh so controversial!

356 Days: This Day
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365 Days
brought to the forefront the erotic romance genre that many had longed for since the iconic Fifty Shades trilogy. Filled with steamy sex scenes, high-stakes romances, and dangerous relationships, erotic dramas offer viewers a thrilling foray into the lives of the two leads, Laura and Massano. The Netflix film might have been extremely controversial and panned by critics, but it proved a huge success for the streaming titan, spurring two sequels: 365 Days: This Day, and The Next 365 Days.

There are many exciting erotic thrillers on the market, and if you’re on the hunt for some different characters, exciting plots, and steamy intimate moments, here are 10 films similar to 365 Days to add to your watchlist.

Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades marked a huge shift in cinema, introducing BDSM culture into mainstream media on a much wider scale. The film franchise became a huge hit in the late 2010s and sparked a boost in sales for the novel it’s based on. When a young college student named Anastasia meets the mysterious Christian Grey, she is thrust into a compelling world of luxury, romance, and most importantly, submission. The erotic thriller and its later sequels were met with negative reviews from critics, but were huge commercial successes, and Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan star as the two leads respectively.

Pleasure or Pain

This whirlwind romance film should strike some familiar cords with fans of 365 Days. The story follows a woman named Victoria, who is an upcoming jewelry designer. When she meets Jack, a wealthy and enigmatic entrepreneur, her life changes. As Jack introduces her to new heights of sexual pleasure, love, and devotion, Victoria becomes addicted to her new lifestyle, but things start to become less than ideal for the young woman when she finds it hard to keep up. 

Amar: With You Until the End of the World

For fans who enjoyed the European flair of 365 Days, Amar should prove a worthy watch. This Spanish erotica chronicles the story of a young, passionate couple, Laura and Carlos. They are deeply in love and choose each day to live in the moment, loving each other as strongly as they can. The movie explores the evolution of their romantic and sexual relationship. It also tackles deeper topics, as viewers delve into the struggles of adulthood, which threaten to tear the pair apart and put an end to their burning fire. 

American Kamasutra

Dark and dangerous, much like the sequels of 365 Days, American Kamasutra strives to keep viewers on the edge of their seats while offering intense scenes of lovemaking. A young woman named Ashley falls in love with a romance author in her town. However, she is plunged into a menacing love triangle and begins to discover more and more secrets about the people in her life. Universally panned but a casual watch for fans of 365 Days, a seemingly innocent woman once again falls for the wrong man and suffers greatly for it. 


In this erotic psychological thriller, Sharon Leal stars as Zoe, a woman who, on paper, has it all. She’s the CEO of her own company, has the perfect husband and two wonderful children. While previous stories show that the leading lady is often starved sexually, Zoe is not and is intimate with her husband numerous times a day. That’s why things begin to go south when she begins an affair with two men. Unable to control her desires, she begins to throw her life and hard work away, as she is constantly seeking out sexual pleasures. Her insatiable appetite threatens to ruin all she has built as severe consequences for her actions begin to line up. 


After’s softer rating prevents this film from diving headfirst into full erotica, but it does touch on many similar subjects as the films on this list. Much like 365 Days, After showcases a tumultuous relationship founded on shaky ground, this time between two college students named Tessa and Hardin. When Tessa initially arrives at college, she is determined to stay on course and not get carried away with other factors, but the sexy mystery of Hardin leads her down a thrilling, sexual path as the two embark on an intense relationship.

Below Her Mouth

Below Her Mouth is an erotic thriller that follows two women, Dallas and Jasmine. While Dallas had recently ended a relationship, Jasmine was still engaged to a man, but the two share an instant connection. Their attraction proves toxic and chaotic as Jasmine fights to deny her true feelings, and Dallas remains persistent in the quest for a blossoming-yet-intense relationship. 


Newness is a film that aims to explore all the many complexities in a relationship. Gabriella and Martin match on a dating app and quickly fall in love and move in together, believing they are happy with one another. When they both cheat on the same night, they confess their betrayal to one another and decide to have an open relationship. While Newness isn’t as dark as 365 Days, it is honest and passionate in showing the complications of love.

The Boy Next Door

The Boy Next Door leans more heavily into the thriller genre than 365 Days does, but it is still an engaging and steamy erotic movie. The story is centered on Claire, who is recently divorced and living alone with her teenage son. When a 19-year-old boy named Noah moves into the house next to hers, she tries her hardest to deny the sexual chemistry between them, but they eventually share a passionate night. Claire tries to avoid him after that, but things take a twisted turn as Noah grows dangerously obsessed with her.

Killing Me Softly

Alice is an American woman living in London. Her life seems to be on a smooth path, and she is content with her life, job, and boyfriend. That is until she bumps into a handsome and mysterious stranger named Adam, whom she is immediately enthralled by. The pair share a magnetic sexual chemistry, and Alice, in a strange turn of events, leaves her boyfriend for Adam, marrying him soon after. While things are lovely at first, Alice comes to realize that the person she fell in love with and married isn’t exactly whom he claims to be.

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