Big Things Have Small Beginnings – The Connection Between Prometheus And Alien

So how do these gigantic plot points link back into Alien. First of all, Shaw’s baby further transforms into something which resembles an oversized face-hugger which then latches itself onto the face of the last surviving Engineer of LV-223; in the film’s closing moments a xenomorph-like creature spills out of the Engineer’s abdomen. This suggests that later down the line of evolution we will get the incredible, perfect killing machine we see throughout the Alien franchise.

It also goes someway to explain what the function of the Space Jockey is in the first Alien. In that film, Kane, Dallas and Lambert board a strange ship and find him, as well as the eggs, this is exactly the same vehicle we see in Prometheus and have seen all the way through the marketing campaign. Of course the crash landing we’ve witnessed throughout the trailers was assumed to explain the crashed ship in Alien, but it isn’t the case. Alien is set on LV-426, not LV-223 like it is here.

My theory is that on one of the other 4 planets, there are more Engineers who go back to LV-223 and discover the xenomorph which has hatched from the body of one of their fallen brothers. They then develop and refine this killing machine further to create another (failed) attack on Earth. But the machines they created were too perfect and turn violent against them, hence the hole in the chest of the Space Jockey on LV-426.

Ridley Scott has said that there are two more films to go which follow Prometheus before we fully link back to Alien. At the end, Shaw and David fly away on another abandoned craft to search for the planet where the Engineers come from, hoping to learn why the human race is intended for destruction.

We must wait to hear of this weekend’s box office grosses to see if we’ll actually see more from the Prometheus universe to completely mould with the Alien one. If it all works out, though, it could turn out to be the most highly developed and intricate film universe that we’ve seen in some time.

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  1. Hanksays:

    “This is the head of the Space Jockey we saw very briefly in the first Alien film.”

    I’m not sure I follow, here. We saw only one Space Jockey in “Alien,” as far as I can recall. And it was the one sitting in the chair (e.g. the shot you posted in your blog entry). I saw the movie last night and it was my impression that this was a different planet (LV-426), different ship and different Space Jockey (though possibly the one found in “Alien” started on LV-223 before crashing on LV-426). And there’s another problem: without giving away spoilers, lets just agree that the head isn’t exactly in good condition by the time “Prometheus” ends. So how can it possibly be the same head appearing in a movie taking place well after the events of “Prometheus?”

    1. Bad phrasing here I guess, I meant to say that it’s of the same species of the Space Jockey in Alien

  2. Jennifersays:

    Humans are to be destroyed because of the Feminist Sickness. Feminism is a Misandrist cult for stupid, incompetent girls.

    1. brandonsays:

      Yes I’m sure that MUST be reason. Good god you are stupid, go jump in a fire.

  3. Daniel Wolterssays:

    I saw Prometheus last night. I was in a group of 4 people, and was the only one who really liked the movie and just can’t wait for the next one. All I can say is that if you don’t care about the Space Jockey in the first Alien film, and have never given him a second thought of who he was, what he was, and what his mission was, you’re NOT going to care for this movie. It’s gonna seem like a bland series of loosely connected events, some very penetrating phallic references (pun intended), some blood and guts, and some peril.

    THIS is why I felt like I was the only one who was stoked for the next movie when I walked out of that theater. I will say this. The movie leaves you with more questions than answers. The look and feel of the new xenomorph creatures is radically different from the ones we’ve come to know. Those were bio-mechanoid, but the Prometheus ones seem entirely biological mollusk-like with lots of muscles and tentacles rather than bone. It will be interesting to see how the transition from strictly biological to bio-machine will occur.

    I’m worried however, that we will never know. The reactions to Prometheus (walking out of the theater) were so negative, and from what I could hear, it was because nobody understood the gravity of what they had just watched. They were in there because A) they were in the mood for a sci-fi horror flick, and didn’t know or remember the ties it has to Alien, B) They were expecting to be spoon fed all the answers, C) they were devout Christians who were put off by the pretense of the movie – life didn’t originate on Earth, and further more, the very nature of life itself (the black fluid) may be a lot more sinister than their religion teaches. Basically for the latter part, Prometheus could be seen as violating the notion that life as a concept is sacred.

    If there has ever been a movie that goes down in history as a flop because people didn’t understand it, it’s gonna be Prometheus.

    There is also another HUGE factor to why people may be disappointed with Prometheus – the Star Wars syndrome. Before episodes 1, 2, 3, people were stoked and excited about learning the origins of Darth Vader, only to find out there wasn’t anything epic at all about Anakin Skywalker. He was a whiny bitch, that’s all.
    Fans of Alien have been building up this incredibly rich tapestry of theories about the Engineers, their culture, what they look like out of the chair, only to come to find out that they look like giant baby faced humans who messed up a bio-weapon in development. Suddenly the mystery is gone, and it turns out that the answers are better left unrevealed.
    So they rant and rave about horrible unimaginative writers, but it’s all because THEIR story was not the true story.

    1. You sir gave awesome comments. You’re spot on about our dashed hopes about what new Star Wars movies were going to offer us.

      1. Ryansays:

        He is spot on about Episodes 1,2 , and 3 with Anakin being a whiny bitch. However for the reason not liking Prometheus he needs a D. And the reason I didn’t like it and many of my friends felt the same way. The characters sucked and belonged on a SYFY channel movie. They were the dumbest scientists practically in all of cinema. That’s what killed it. Giant ship rolling at you. So run away from it in the same path why not go right or left? Strange alien life acting like a snake. Lets touch it. So on and so on.

      2. Jeff Rittenoursays:

        exactly..,stupidity ruined it for me as well.

      3. ed91says:

        take off your helmet as soon as ;possible on a new planet or it’s moon?

        I don’t think so

      4. a great memorysays:

        one has to think on the matter and find that with the amount of time typical, (for whatever reason it may be, that im too apathetical to look up,) they dont have enough to tell the story as it should be, thus making it make sense throughout.
        had the argument gone on longer amongst them wether or not he should take off his helmet, (wich, lets face it we are a fickleshit species like that,) they would have gone on exasperatively until someone (quite likely inadvertently) goaded him into taking it off to prove a point anyway, by wich point someone(/s) would have probly done enough scanning and sampling to be sure its safety was a done deal. enough so that anyone in attendance of the action with the presence of mind to consider the act, would have gleaned there to be no ballsiness involved by said point in said argument. but for that scene alone, to boil it up to some level of genuine heated debate, would have taken them at least five times as long, so as to believably break ground and pave way for the then something of semipseudobravado of potential near suffocation in previously unexplored space. (and had he start to suffocate at least one of the lot would have shoved his helmet back on anyway, so really, hakunaphukenmatata.)
        my point being that what we saw, and usually see, of movies that have to take bludgeoning strides and flailing bounds to progress a story within time frame etiquette of the theatrical release standard, is bloody damn possibly only the twenty percent of a whole idea. we see a cinematic that is the highlights reel a director managed together, hoping its enough to be appreciated for what they saw it as to be originally in full.
        (and fores you consider typin out my bein put on blast for incorrect spelling or grammatical butcherin, i spell specifically the way i mean to, as i see it should be, to my liking, and no one others own… sogetthephukoverit.)

      5. Guestsays:

        They were part of the clandestine experiment David was carrying out on human test subjects on the moon. When the bio agent inhalation failed to produce any decent results he is told to “try harder” . So he then tries direct ingestion on a test subject. They are not on the moon because of cave paintings and beliefs They are there as part of an experiment and to find out what the mutagen does. So yes that’s why David is running about pushing things telling them to take their helmets off and trying to infect them to see what the results are. What you thought were mistakes were actually clues to what was really going on.

  4. Lost of ways to look at this film, Ridley got to use a lot of the elements that were abandoned from the 1979 film – originally, in ALIEN, the explorers were supposed to land on a barren desert like planet and discover a massive temple, inside of the temple they were to discover murals, urns and worms (*the novelizattion of ALien still mentions Kane finding urns with dead worms scattered about). Sound familiar?

    The creature born at the end of the film is identical to the one Holloway sees in the mural in the temple. It would seem somewhat logical (and speculative on my part) to assume that the engineers were trying to re-create this creature using the black goo. The experiment failed, and either the goo or an infestation of the creatures killed all but one of them – notice the pile of bodies Milburn and Fifield find all have ‘chestburster’ (for lack of a better term) holes in them, as do three of the four cryopods that the engineers sleep in (*you have to look closely, but the holes are there, just never addressed). Perhaps the being in the mural is something they worshipped?

    To extrapolate a bit more, it seems as though birthing the mural creature requires a humanoid host. Perhaps the engineers were almost ready to head to earth to use the goo on humans, to use us essentially as incubators for the mural creature, and act we would perceive as our annihilation, but to the engineers it’s just another stage of our usefulness – it’s their ‘master plan’ for us all along. When the substance ended up turning on the engineers (*maybe they needed to sacrifice one of their own to test it first, it worked and they weren’t prepared to handle the resulting monster they created?), their mission to Earth was aborted. Perhaps what Shaw perceived as our potential destruction is in fact just another stage in our ‘evolution’ as dictated by the engineers.

    In any event, the theme of destruction being necessary for creation is a prevalent theme throughout the film, as is the acceptance of death – either as a necessity for creating more life (*like the sequence at the start of the film illustrates) or, in Weyland’s case, the inability to accept death and prolong one’s life, even if it comes at the expense of others.

    One last thing – the sequence with Weyland and the team heading to the temple was supposed to take place as the Fifield monster is attacking, not afterwards. Earlier trailers clearly showed that his bodyguards (the ones firing at Fifield) were protecting Weyland as they made their way to the vehicles (clearly shown in the trailers is a shot with the two bodyguards firing while Weyland, David and Ford are visible behind them in an opening elevator, in the film the same shot has the elevator door behind them closed as they are shooting) – notice that one of the vehicles runs over Fifield and is never seen again, nor are it’s occupants. Yet, seconds later, when we cut to Shaw discovering Weyland is alive, the two shooting bodyguards who are at the hangar bay battle are suddenly in Weyland’s chambers, one of them even assists Shaw when she stumbles into the room (!). Poor editing in this part of the movie, but other than that, a pretty good film overall.

  5. dukesays:

    you are wrong. The derelict Juggernaught that is crashed on LV426 has been there for a very long time. Thousands of years according to Ridley Scott. The engineer in the pilot seat was fossilized. The Xenomorph from Alien would have predated the Xenomorph “deacon” from Prometheus by millenia. The Prometheus xeno is either an evolved descendant or a similar but different “bloodline” of creature.

    1. kraftsays:

      Duke, you’re right. I’ve heard a lot of great speculations but it seems that everyone keeps overlooking the fact that the Space Jockey from Alien was found fossilized by the crew of The Nostromo. He had been there at least a couple thousand years. This all makes me wonder if we will ever find out the true origin of the Xenomorph. Unless someone developes a time machine I don’t see how.

      1. ApesMasays:

        We DO know the true origin of the Xenos now: they were a bio-weapon created by the Engineers. According to Scott they were made to “clean up” planets, in other words kill all life.
        The questions now revolve around the Engineers themselves, which is why they are headed for their home planet.

      2. Keltarisays:


      3. ApesMasays:

        Here you go:
        It’s quite interesting, you can see how Scott went from thinking they were the last survivors of a warrior race towards the bio-weapon idea over time.

      4. ChuckRocksays:

        We did the origins of the xeno are the black nanite primordial goo.It mutates life to survive adapt and most importantly wipe all competing species. Its the basis for all life including us and the Xenos. The space jockey in Alien is many hundreds of thousands of years old at least.

      5. Jakobsays:

        Hey! You write good thoughts. I’d be interested to hear what you think about THIS interpretation of the movie 🙂 He has a very different theme than ”sacrifice”.

      6. biggunsays:

        hahahahahahahahahahaha some people have got way too much time on their hands….was a pretty cool sci fi flick that tied in enough to the alien movies to leave room for sequels and more money making oppertunities…..just spent more time reading and laughing at these comments than i did on the film….id love to call myself a nerd but i got nothin on you guys hahaha

  6. captainziisays:

    Very good read, thanks for the article. There is one point that I disagree with, though. If the “proto alien” that we see at the end is the basis for the future evolution of the xeno’s, why was there already a mural of a xenomorph within the ship? It makes me think that they had already seen the end result of the evolutionary cycle they were tinkering with with the goo. And I could be mistaken, but I thought I remembered the xenomorph carving looking more like the “biomechanical” version that we saw in the earlier Alien moves. Anyway, thanks again for a great article!

    1. ChuckRocksays:

      The sculpture is the deacon rising from the primordial goo and its
      the perfect human biomech hybrid it is not a xeno and is what the
      engineers were trying to achieve as they were to intervene and change
      the course of our evolution. Look below the sculpture your referring to
      then look slightly below to the left and right. You will see humans
      being impregnated with Trilobytes / facehuggers. . We were to be used as
      hosts . If you watch the alternate “Fifield attacks” you can see he is
      actually mutating into a Xeno looking hybrid too. Search the net if you
      think im talking bs. In my posts you will find the correct answers. not
      some bs speculation ive came up with . I can back everything up with
      source materials, dialog references and background knowledge.

      1. RuckChocksays:

        You think they depicted exactly what the eventual ‘perfect human biomech’ would look like? And what is your proposal for the genesis of these facehuggers? Also interested in your take on the opening scene of Prometheus?

      2. ChuckRocksays:

        Im not speculating so i dont “think” anything. Unfortunately you’ve probably had your head filled with idiotic theories about what the film is about.

        Look under the protomorph rising from the goo down at the bottom left and right. Yup thats facehuggers injecting eggs into humans.
        Btw its erroneously referred to as gigers mural when in fact gigers mural can be seen when they first shine the torch up. Its a painting of an engineering holding down a biomechanoid with an Alien body but the head is obscured.

        Sorry for coming across as a douche 🙂 i have that effect on people. But honestly there is no speculation here just facts. Cheers 🙂

        ohhh and the opening scene shows the elders sacrificing their young. Now this is a technologically advanced race but they are sacrificing their own children. In order to create one must sacrifice , thats the message and it runs throughout the movie.

      3. ChuckRocksays:

        btw have you seen the official concept art for the fully grown deacon.? It looks like gigers original biomechanoid from the necronimicon but its about 25 feet tall. So yeah we were to be used as the basis for the perfect hybrid.

      4. ChuckRocksays:

        We got to see the genesis of the facehugger/trilobyte. It was in the movie.You sure you were watching the same film as me ? 🙂

  7. Nickellsays:

    This to me is 50% right and 50% wrong….engineers already have a looonggg history….with the xenon and its life cycle….also the dead engineers pile up against the door have holes busting out of their chests and head….(where the offspring went who knows) but its all a very similar life cycle….firstly davids container is a different, smaller type of container with what seems to be a different type of ‘goo’ stored i a different way and finally why would the engineers want to impregnate humans (billions of us) with an organism to destroy us that they can’t completely control themselves (not saying they weren’t going to destroy us but in that way?) , seems to have killed the piled up engineers and indeed does kill the engineer at the end of the movie and shows up in ‘ALIEN’ with yet another chest busted space jockey/engineer….bunch of dumbasses huh?…there’s a lot more than that wrong here!

    1. betosays:

      and lets us not forget that Alien v Predator, xenomorphs had been with us since early human civilazations.

      1. DWraithsays:

        And besides, as anyone who has read the AVP novels knows, the Yautja (AKA Predators) have been using the xenomorphs as one of their preferred prey… other than homo sapiens, the xenos are the only species that poses much of a challenge/threat when the Yautja hunt them… will the other movies go in to that as well?

      2. Keltarisays:

        AvP is not canon

      3. pyro85says:

        You think the AVP movies are canon? That’s fucking hilarious.

  8. gaseousclaysays:

    I originally figured mankind were the progenitors of the Aliens as we know them, but you have to remember that inside the temple we see a mural with an Alien-like creature on the wall. This means the proto-xenomorph at the end of the film isn’t entirely new to the Space Jockeys imo.

  9. Mark Comptonsays:

    Okay here is a question everyone seems to be ignoring. The Derelict ship on LV 426 was sitting on top of a ridge. with a hole in it that led down into a cavern. It was inside this cavern that the Xenomorph eggs were stored inside a stasis field which “reacts when touched” . It is definitive that LV 223 and LV 426 are two entities. One is a “planetoid” (426) one is a moon (223) and according to Scott are in the same system (even though I’m of the school that they are close but hey he is the director).

    How does anyone explain this? Because the room the eggs were in looks to be more like a subterranean chamber, as opposed to a part of the ship itself.

    How does anyone explain that chamber, beyond it being another “testing dome” perhaps?

    1. nongeeksays:

      You people need to get out more . FFS . Its science FICTION . Eat the popcorn and enjoy .

      1. Violet Stilessays:

        thank you.

      2. Ah the “Shut off your brain and just watch” camp.
        And we wonder why films are so bad today?

      3. Jeff Rittenoursays:

        no doubt.

      4. Seth Martinsays:

        I want extra Herp on my Derpcorn!

      5. TrollKiller12says:

        Nongeek- It’s a comments section FFS. Just read the comments and enjoy. Or STFU

    2. ApesMasays:

      I think that”s it exactly, it’s another military installation housing bio-weapons just like the one in Prometheus (that contains a different version of their weaponry).
      Scott said the Derelict was parked, not crashed, which makes sense if it is indeed a cavern beneath the ship.

    3. 7770j0says:

      That effect is the “Hive creep”. It mutates the environment to a more “hospitable” condition for the incubation of the eggs. All the queen lairs are like this.

  10. Praedaliensays:

    I just saw Prometheus and was astounded at the potential linkage between this movie and the X-Files. Remember the black oil (goo) and the impending alien invasion of the Earth in 2012 in the X-Files mythology? Well, here comes that darn black goo again in Prometheus. Ha Ha. That black goo is dangerous stuff!

    1. Jonathonsays:

      Also, like in the Alien movies besides the black goo there were people in the X-Files movie in which their bodies were also used to harvest alien newborns. Also, in the movie “Spiders” and “Spiders 2.”

  11. ricciriccisays:

    When I read this I wonder what it is meant by “search for the planet where the engineers come from”. Didnt we go to the planet that 3000-5000 year old civilizations claimed to be their home? Prometheus is a HORRIBLE movie and I will tell anyone I know to avoid it if they have to pay to see it. That people are continuing to find a reason to give it any credit is a testament to Ridley Scott’s fan club. Ridley made TWO good films and he has now made one film to make one of them seem lucky.LOL When you find yourself reaching to patch holes that make no sense, you know you are consuming garbage. ALSO, am I the only one who cant for the life of me figure out how DAVID is a way better android than ASH, and that the crew has some of the most amazing TECH any of us can ever dream about, but still lack anything better than incandescent flash lights. Gimme a break ok? 2093? really? -stupid film.

    1. jedgecosays:

      I don’t think that David is a better android than Ash. Ash was convincingly human until his head popped off. I doubt anybody would have been fooled that David was human.

      1. ricciriccisays:

        I think you clearly miss the point of my comment, or you are being facetious. David (a cell phone) should in NO WAY be even close to ASH (a smart phone), unless you truly buy that in the next two – three decades we, as a culture, make some leap in tech that is just plain mind boggling. Im learning to accept “Prometheus” as a start for a new series of cool sci-fi. I do feel however, that it sucked as a film but is a masterpiece of emotional-imagery. Every image I have from Alien, has now been replaced: Ripley in her undies -replaced; Ash with his head off -replaced; stomach buster -replaced/twice; however, the one image from Alien that Prometheus fails to replace miserably is THE FEAR AND HORROR of the audience.

      2. jedgecosays:

        Well, I guess I missed the point of your comment, then, because you wrote “I … cant for the life of me figure out how DAVID is a way better android than ASH,” and that’s what I responded to. Alien takes place about 30 years after Prometheus.

        As for technological leaps in the next two to three decades, I’m fine with the genre convention that fictional people are more technologically advanced than real people.

      3. ricciriccisays:

        I LOVE IT.. you know, I have to agree. Seriously. I agree… I look forward to the next “Prometheus”.

      4. Alien fansays:

        I though this as well about David vs. Ash. Then I realized that in Prometheus, this was the first time that Weyland found anything. So He’s sending in the best of what he has got. The David model 8 ( from the teaser), the best ship he has got & his daughter to boot. David is the top tier of android. Ash and the crew of the Nostromo are a bunch of 3rd rate test subjects.

      5. toryshanesays:

        I would say a better analogy between David and Ash is that they were both smart phones with two different purposes. David was the personal i-Phone of a corporate Executive with unique bells and whistles (Apps). Ash was a consumer release smart phone. David did not need to appear human because he was created for a man who knew that David was not a real person, thus no need for emotion. Ash by contrast was created to mingle with real humans but with one overriding base program, to be loyal to the corporation above all else.

        I like what you call emotional imagery. I think this is where the move really succeeded. My theory is that the Engineers were not bio weapons engineers but rather a religious cult and Scott’s use of this emotional imagery conveys the subtle hints to this powerfully.

    2. frankie cranberrysays:

      EXACTLY what he said! The thing is, even after you’ve patched all the holes to form a story that connects to the Alien mythos, its all a bit naff! Huge disappontment.

    3. calinutzsays:

      Prometheus is meant to be the first in a trilogy that will precede the old Alien trilogy. So the ending was probably not meant to connect directly to the first Alien, or else there will be no point for the next 2 sequels of Prometheus.
      I agree that the horror was not really there as was in Alien, but perhaps the movie creator intended it this way. If you think about it, the movie was pretty full of characters that needed some introduction, things that consumed time from the plot, so they had to compress a lot of information in a short period of time. The movie wanted to introduce us to the universe of 2093 and to the race of engineers. I like the fact that the engineer’s dialog with David was not translated leaving room for imagination and for later explanation. Also the realization of Prometheus is closer to “Alien 2” than “Alien” so no reason to compare apples with carrots. And in Alien 2 there was more action than horror, so i cannot blame the director for this. The horror in Alien came mainly from the fact that the viewers had no idea what to expect to come out from the dark, because everybody was new to the xeno alien. Nowadays everybody knows what it does, how it looks like, how it attacks and so on, so where is the horror left? I rather had this kind of beginning than an “Alien”-like plot where there is no explanation … nothing, just suspense , running in the dark, screaming, blood and horror. Let’s remember, it’s a scifi movie, not a pure horror one, so scifi elements need to make themselves known. Ridley Scott will probably have answers for a lot of questions asked here in the next installment of Prometheus. I for one, cant wait to see them.
      There may be 1000 ways to explain why there was a representation of the xeno alien in Prometheus. So the fact that in 120 minutes there was no time to explain everything, it’s not a valid reason to complain about it.
      The characters were a lot more developed than in the Alien 1 movie, and that comes with time spent from the movie. Like I said Prometheus resembles a lot more with Alien 2 than with any other from the trilogy.
      As a conclusion I loved Prometheus and I loved the fact that Scott thought about bringing in the “Ancient Aliens” hypothesis of the alien creators of human race.
      Criticism is good, and everybody is entitled to their opinions. This is mine 🙂

      1. calinutzsays:

        Also ASH is an android employed on a cargo ship. It’s only fair that the best android would be smarter. Also I do not think ASH is weaker than David. You know about David being an Android from the first minutes of the movie, while ASH was considered human half the Alien movie.
        And about the flashlights… I preferred the movie to link with our reality more than seeing a “Star Trek – The Next Generation” kind of approach, with beaming up and down, laser guns and stuff like that. Also if there was such a technology in Prometheus then the movie could not be used as a prequel to Alien trilogy, where technology is described from the 70’s point of view. It would have been stupid to have hyper tech gadgets in Prometheus and in the sequels (Alien) they would return to a more rudimentary technology don’t you think?
        I however loved the cartography gadget vision. I can’t wait to see it come to life in reality, since scifi movies usually predict where technology is heading.

        The only problem I have with Prometheus is with the star-map found all over the earth leading to this moon where only bioweapons are researched. If the human race creators wanted to leave us a map to find them, they would probably give us the map to their home, while Prometheus implies that the LV moon is only a big research lab that is also closed for maintenance… So this part is messed up.

      2. toryshanesays:

        Technology is often the bugbear of another wise good movie. I look at it this way. In the future of a few hundred years why would we assume that we could take a laser and contain it in a hand held weapon. The heat would be immense, the destructive power either way over the top (as in melting whole vehicles, or way to minor, as in searing a small hole in a wall. I see no reason why a distant future would not use laser weapons on space craft, but handheld weapons would still probably be shotguns and machine guns, only more advanced versions. I dont care what planet you are on you can always use a shotgun.

      3. toryshanesays:

        And it may not be a bio weapon. The ships captains tells us it is a bio weapon but this is never confirmed. I tend to think the Engineers that visited Earth are part of a religious cult. This explains whey the first Engineer seems to have no problem with being left behind to die on a strange planet. He is undergoing a ritual rite of passage. That it hurts and ended in his death in no way takes away from this as often cultures have very violent often deadly rites of passage. Perhaps mankind’s creation was simply a unforeseen consequence which the engineers took advantage of. From a religious point of view, if your religion was entropy then the xenomorph’s would be an almost perfect symbol of destruction leading to transformation. This also explains the altars, statues and frescoes all of which seem to have very religious overtones. Why would a bioweapon research station depict iconic devotionals to the weapon they were creating? I think these were space faring temples.

        1: The ship they discovered created an artificial atmosphere even when the entry is left open. The ships were designed to allow people to come and go once on a surface.

        2: There were stacks of these canisters forming pillars all over the ships as if in storage. But and this is important, when the hologram recording was activated it showed the space suited Engineers running towards the one room that had the containers displayed on the floor, the same room that had the religious depictions of the Engineers, the Proto-Xenomorph and the humans being invested with eggs not to mention the fact that this room was very similar to the room that was discovered by the crew of the Nostromo 25 years later but that had been there for thousands of years. If this was a viral outbreak then why run to the room that was the source of the outbreak? And if there were other ships, why not send in other Engineers to help contain the outbreak, and if the containment failed then why did the other ships not simply leave? Especially if they would have know what happened to the ship on the other plantoid, that the Nostromo discovered only a shorty distance away.

        3: There is some confirmation that I believe leads to us to a hint that we should interpret the Engineers in a religious sense. The ship was set to go to earth 2000 years ago, at the time of Christs ministry on earth. Some have argued that this makes Christ an Engineer but this is absurd if you think about it. Someone would have noticed if Christ was a 10 foot tall white skinned bald guy. Nope! the was just a subtle clue to lead us to think in terms of religion. Just like the sacred cave paintings, the crucifix, the presence of each star chart in a temple (each location was not only a religious site but also represented transformation), the way the location of the site is discovered by the straight roads, invoking the geometry of Nazca, Chaco Canyon and other sacred sites on Earth, and even David’s oft questioning of his relationship to his own creator. We were meant to think of the Engineers in religious terms, not necessarily as Gods, but as Religious beings. If you look carefully at the depictions of the Engineers pointing to the stars it is less clear if the humans are worshiping them as gods or if they are bowed down in awe at the source that the Engineers are pointing towards, the way a Muslim worships towards Mecca This makes the Engineers more like Prophets than gods. The moon was not a bio-weapons base but a religious complex. Further confirmed by the brief depictions of the giant carved head that sits on the rocky outcropping, mirroring that of the one in the spaceship / temple . We only see the head but why, if the Engineers were worshiped as Gods by humans but were themselves scientists make monuments to themselves? Plot hole? Perhaps or perhaps like all religious devotees they conceive of god in personal terms and so invest their idea of God with familiar features.

        And one last Religious reference. When the crew came out of stasis it was Christmas. The Captain was decorating a Christmas tree, A comment was made that ” I want to open my presents now”. Even Dr. Shaw’s birth can be interpreted as an immaculate conception. This last point reinforces my belief that the creation of mankind was simply an unforeseen event. David infected Dr. (cant recall his name) with the black goo. He had no way of knowing that he would then go and have sex with Dr. Shaw. So the creation of that new life form was unforeseen and was meant to mirror the creation of mankind at the hands of the alien.

  12. William Dryersays:

    The black goo is bio weapon AGAINST the xenomorphs. There is no intent to destroy the human race, that is just misdirection to get our minds confused because we all know the universe is out to get us. The Engineers developed the black goo to enhance their abilities to fight against the xenomorphs, which is why the living engineer had gills and stuff, but the dude from the beginning did not. The black goo is reverse engineered xenomorph DNA whatever. Their engineering got out of control and most of them were killed when they went crazy with exposure then exploded.
    The captain engineer incubates himself before exploding. We wake him and he tries to kill everyone because he is tripping out from black goo infection. Us humans just stumbled onto the mess. Why would they leave maps back to moon LV-223 (and planet LV-426 I assume) that has a virus to destroy us, when they can just launch a rocket to earth to do the same thing? I do agree that the movie is a jumbled mess of nonsense mostly ripped off from Dead Space, but all of it is really HP Lovecraft mythos combined with greek mythos. The Engineers are at war with the Elder Gods (Gods vs. Titans). The Elder gods created xenomorphs to kill the titans. Titans aka engineers are fighting back, hence the prometheus analogy. They created us as a last ditch effort to save themselves, sort of like Prometheus giving us fire. I hope Hellboy is in the sequel and kicks everyone ass with his cement fist.

    1. daftmansays:

      very interesting theory that would make for a good sequel!!

    2. daftmansays:

      very interesting theory that would make for a good sequel!! Maybe the reason for the visitations of the space jockey/engineers are was part of a warning to mankind that events outside their current understanding is coming, maybe a war between the SJ/ENG and the original Aliens, and that LV-223 is the key. just a thought!!

    3. Afneitunsays:

      Good job 9/10. If you’re serious you need to see a doctor.

  13. MikeEsays:

    Will, While you make some excellent points to the movie. I think it is really misunderstood. I just saw it a few hours ago and really all the pieces fall into place. First off, you are correct. LV223 and LV426 are not the same planets! When I first noticed the planet name in the movie I became a little confused, thinking they could not use the same name due to copy write reasons. Later I leaned this was not the truth. Right away you can see LV223 is not the same planet as LV426. The two planets are not similar in composition. LV223 looks like a desert with snowy mountains. While LV426 is a extremely rocky and jagged. Now, I disagree with you on the Alien and the Engineers or “Space Jockeys” taking the Alien back to refine it. If you recall in the movie. There was a mural painted on the wall of the spaceship that distinctively resembled just what the Alien looks like. If you recall, David said there was more ships on that planet. My thought is that the original creature was never intended just for Earth. Why would you go through such great lengths to conceal those ships underground on desolate planet from a species you created that had no prior knowledge of the Engineer’s or “Space Jockey’s” existence? We are under the assumption they want to kill the human race. Yet, why go though such crazy lengths to do such a thing. Why not simply flying down to Earth with a virus that actually destroyed our existence? You are talking about a race superior to our own! Fact is we never actually know what David said to the Engineer. He (Engineer) woke up and stayed calm as the crew debated back and forth. Then once David spoke to the Engineer, it appeared it was more of a mercy killing gone wrong. If you recall in many scenes David was actually offend and verbally abused by the crew and even his creator. I am not saying David asked the Engineer “please kill me”. In all honestly I would not know what he said as I don’t speak that language. However, if you recall he did not want to be part of the human race, do to it’s un-accepting nature of him not being human. So I would assume he stated something like “I have done your intentions, please take me with you”. If you recall he is patted on the head and then ripped apart. Which then leads to one of the crew members firing a weapon at him (the engineer). Which shows him grow in anger and attack with a furry. My guess is after David made such a round about statement. The Engineer knew that crew was doomed and must be destroyed. So then you may say “well why did it show the Engineer heading for Earth once he hopped in the pilot seat?” Well if I was the engineer, I would assume the planet (Earth) has reached a point where it has uncovered a map on how to relocate to dangerous planet, secretive planet. Therefor, must not take any chances and head to that planet to investigate and possibly neutralize. Do to the severity of what was uncovered and how many others from that planet know.?

    Could it actually be the Alien was a organic creature from a distant planet what was harvested by the “Engineers” and experimented on to create many various creatures? Weapons to combat a more serious threat? Another Alien race perhaps? Meanwhile speeding their DNA across many fruitful un-inhabited planets to reassure their species will remain to never become extinct?

    I think what we saw was one engineered modification of many that existed to combat their real enemy which we will hopefully learn from the next film. Hopefully a lot sooner than it took to go form Alien to Prometheus!

    1. brad1111says:

      hII, DAVID tells the humoniod ” this person intends to extend this life and he believes you can give him” ,, the humonoid has already decided way back to destroy earth so he anyways kills them all, plus he is agitated by Arrogance of humans to grant them eternal life..

    2. daftmansays:

      another interesting point here!! We do not know what David said to the Engineer before he had his head ripped off!!

      1. Paul Brownsays:

        Clearly he said “let’s flip to see who gets to kill all the humans here. Heads, you win.” Something was lost in translation.
        For me, one of the more interesting questions to come from the movie (apologies if it’s already been discussed) is why all the Engineers look identical. There’s an abvious answer, of course, but obvious and correct may be two different things here.

      2. DALEsays:

        What david said was something to the effect of this man (weyland) is sick and you are our creator and he wants to live forever…I got this from many sources such as that is not his exact words but that is it in a nutshell

  14. Josep Duransays:

    SPOILERS AHEAD!!! Stupid,
    stupid movie. Just related to Alien so that people will go and see it. Just don’t
    know where to start with the stupidity in the movie: how the characters behave,
    Shaw’s pregnancy and the calamari baby, the final attack of the engineer who,
    in cheap slasher film fashion, tries to kill Shaw because he is so pissed off…
    but hey, baby Ackbar comes to mom’s rescue! Oh, and if you look closely at the
    picture from Alien you can see that the jockey is considerably bigger than the
    engineers in Prometheus (just compare it to the astronaut). Everything stinks of
    bad retcon. We did not need do know what the space jockey was, and why does it
    always have to do with humanity as if we were the center of creation? I’ll
    always think of the first Alien as humans stumbling upon something they were
    not meant to understand, so far removed from our affairs that the jockey wasn’t
    even aware of Earth… But know we are meant to believe they wanted to destroy

  15. brad1111says:

    NICE article but it is unlikley that the the alien from Prometheus was taken by Engineers( space jockeys) and further used to make the Alien we see in Alien. When the Prometheus crew find the decapitated body of one of the Space Jockeys, they deduce it had been dead for at least 2000 years. In Alien, Dallas states that the Space Jockey “Looks like it’s been dead a long time. Fossilized. Looks like it’s growing out of the chair.” Prometheus takes place in late December 2093 and Alien takes place in 2122, assuming the Engineer came over to LV-223 and then took the alien and their ship crashed , then the space jockey just had some 28 years to fossiliz?? which cannot be as it requires 100 of years to be in that state.. it is likely that the space jockey in Alien were carrying operations similar to those in Prometheus 

  16. chickenhomiesays:

    Engineer attacks crew when David speaks to him explained. Ok, watch the scene closely. Shaw, “Ask why he wants to destroy us.” Weyland, “No David, ask him where he comes from, how I can live forever, me me me me, how can I live longer, where can I get gold, self-interest, self-interest etc.” Shaw, “Please ask them why they want to kill us!!” Engineer stares at her quietly. Weyland, “Shut her up!” Weyland’s goon hits her with the butt of his rifle in her stomach and she falls in pain. Engineer turns back to David like “Dude, wtf? You hit the little redhead. What gives?” David proceeds, “Yeah, so as WE were saying, can you hook us up with the secrets of the universe because obviously we are not enlightened, we are self-centered douches.” Engineer rips David’s head off and punks the entire crew but NEVER GOES AFTER SHAW when she runs away. He let’s her go until they F-up his ship. Then, pissed off, he goes after her.

  17. chickenhomiesays:

    Ugh. Ok folks, let me help you. If you go to some jungle, you’ll probably find a crashed plane with a dead human pilot sitting in it. Guess what? At the same time, there are MILLIONS of other human pilots flying all over the planet in the same type of aircraft. Different plane, different pilot, different location. Same species, same craft design. Neither related in anyway. One might be transporting guns (LV-223), the other is transporting hand grenades (LV-426). They should have called them Space Truck Drivers because obviously they’re carrying this stuff all over and occasionally fall asleep at the wheel.

  18. current1says:

    Well so the dead Engineer  on LV232 is dated to 2000 years so the Space Jockey is at least that age and why the involvement of the Christen cross? 2000 years = birth of Christ. Can two gods exist in one universe?

  19. laniairsays:

    the xenomorph is in avp and avp 2 also predator 2 wich took place in the 2000’s and the 90’s, so its origin cannot of been in 2093 or anything later than the mid to late 90’s. so either ther is somehting else that hasnt been surfaced yet, or we through away both avps and both predators, except for the first one, also weyland… charles bishop weyland. bishop in aliens, in alien 3 charles apears, exact look alike, in avp, again weyland older but identical, and he dies, sooooo what they heck, thoughts on any of this?

    1. Jai Titansays:

      As far as I know (and I Could be wrong), the AVP universe is separate to the Alien universe. I totally hear what you’re saying and it is a Very good point, but the AVP series came from the comic/graphic novels and it took a long time before they were allowed to make them into films. Also this could be explained by the fact that time as we know it is very different to time in space…it’s very complicated and even I can’t explain it. You have to bare in mind as well that Predator 2 was made YEARS ago long before the film makers knew they could do the things they’re doing today. And there is nothing to say the Xenomorphs as we know them didn’t exist a long time prior to 2093. Shaw and the team in Prometheus find the Engineer and what appears to be the beginnings of this biological weapon they were creating in a “frozen” state so to speak. Elsewhere in the Universe who’s to know how the Xenomorph’s progressed. Needless to say, whilst Prometheus answered a few questions, they created a lot more, but that’s the genius of setting up sequels.

  20. dre32pittsays:

    Loved the movie.. had to explain it to a bunch of friends (at least my interpretation of it), but after that they liked it even more.. Read most of the comments here.. Lot of people thinking the same thing (roughly) as I was.. but one thing I didn’t seen mentioned was that Space Jockey’s are nothing more than gun-runners in a much bigger plot line on the likes that hasn’t even been touched yet in any of the previous related films and franchises (predator, aliens). I will agree that in the first scene the SJ drinks the goop and his DNA is reformed into what looks like human DNA.. Our DNA if you will.. BUT we don’t know the full intention of this action.. We could be just one, among many, weapons tests that they were conducting.. Let’s not forget that the SJ’s provide Xeno’s for the Predators and who knows what else for who else.. It all made sense to me when the Capt. of Prometheus said “they weren’t stupid enough to make this crap in their own backyards”.. Much like how we test our nukes out in the middle of nowhere (deserts in the SW or out in the Pacific), but a MUCH larger scale.. this black gak could just be another one of their weapon tests gone wrong.. the stuff could have been created to wipe out any other failed experiments (humans).. they could’ve been storing this crap here for a LONG time just for situations like these.. who knows.. like the article says, the movies raises more questions than it has answers for the Alien franchise.. BUT I LIKE that it does.. As cool as seeing more chestbursters and hearing more “game over man, game over!” lines would have been, this is FAR more interesting.. Opening up bigger doors for possibly even better things to come..
    Another theory that a friend of mine and I came up with is that what if the SJ’s are more like us than we realize.. or more over, we’re more like them.. You have wars going on constantly here.. What if the SJ’s are no different.. what if they were at war as well.. fighting among themselves.. warring with each other.. I mean the black goo that the first SJ drank (who was sporting rather monk-ish attire) is what created us to begin with, or so the movie would have you believe.. But what if those “good” SJ’s, the ones that created us lost their war and now the “evil” SJ’s are out to kill anything carrying their DNA or anything close to their DNA.. So when that last SJ on the ship awoke, he remembered what his mission was and was trying to carry it out.. seems far fetched, but we may never find out due to people’s lack of understanding of this great movie.. I think a lot of people were looking for more chestbursters and a good sci-fi popcorn flick.. I commend Scott for going this route instead..

  21. Jonathonsays:

    OK, I’ve seen all of the Alien trilogy along with Alien Vs. Predator and all Predator movies. The movie Alien Vs. Predator also links Predator origins with Alien. How about a connection between the movies “Prometheus” and “Alien vs. Predator” Don’t the Predators fit somewhere in the Alien franchise?

    1. Jonathonsays:

      I meant, will the Predators fit somewhere in the Prometheus movies.

    2. pyro85says:

      There is no connection between the AVP movies and Prometheus because there’s no mention of the events in the AVP movies. The Alien and Predator are better off separate from each other.

  22. dansays:

    Hey if the alien that rips out of the engineer at the end of Prometheus is how “later down the line of evolution we will get the incredible, perfect killing machine we see throughout the Alien franchise”, then why is the space jockey fossilized in the first alien, even though it is set only 28 years after Prometheus?

    1. ChuckRocksays:

      We dont the xenomorph is an earlier primitive version of the deacon as the derelict on LV426 is many hundreds of thousands of years old at least.

  23. Dr. Dsays:

    did anyone else notice the elizabeth shaw is very similar to Dr. Who’s Liz Shaw. could more microcosm’s be colliding?

  24. jaysays:

    the Xenos are a VERY old species .. hence the Predators bringing them to a then-tropical Antartica. ITs this simple.. the Xeno that ripped out of the dudes chest was just something that was created in a lab, so its a bit different.. THe Xeno’s are like the ‘Sharks’ of the univserse.. the perfect animials/hunters that adapt to almost any environment..
    I’d like to see a possible Predator/Space Jokey tie in as both civilizations HAD to run into each other

    1. I’m looking forward to a Yautja vs Engineer deathmatch 🙂

      1. pyro85says:

        Not going to happen, not ever. The AVP movies were a colossal failure that was thankfully ignored by Prometheus. That’s only good thing I have to say about Prometheus.

    2. ChuckRocksays:

      no the deacon is the perfect hybrid and is what the engineers were ironically seeking to create on earth. Btw go and look at the size of the deacon when fully grown. Hes about 25 feet tall more intelligent than any human and would tear a xeno to pieces with one finger. How do i know, go and check out the concept and scale art for it on the blu ray, cheers!

    3. pyro85says:

      Predator is a separate franchise, Prometheus ignores the events in the AVP movies so they aren’t a part of the Alien franchise anymore.

      Do you honestly believe that Antartica was once tropical? LMAO

      1. 7770j0says:

        Antartica WAS once tropical. The shifting of the axis every 43,000 yrs. was the explanation to why mammoth’s were found frozen w/ warm climate plants in their stomachs. Einstein accepted this theory.

  25. The problem with the proto-alien in the end resulting in the creatures we know and love from the other films is two-fold.

    – the xenomorph alter found in the urn chamber, which signifies that the xenomorphs are already in existence in some way.
    – the pile of dead Engineers that have obviously suffered an attack a xenomorph oubreak, evidenced by the hole in the chest mentioned by one of the Prometheus crew.

    I’m willing to bet that the filmmakers had/have a plan as to how the Xenomorphs are related to the Engineers and how this all fits into a timeline, but we’ll have to wait and see about it.

    1. D_FINCHsays:

      My partner and I were discussing this after we saw it and she hit the nail on the head: This movie was originally intended to feature the original alien creature. I’m guessing that as hype was building a hasty rewrite to a more grandiose story arc to what were used to occurred. It really does fill in a lot of the inconsistencies. I generally liked the movie, I just didn’t connect with or care about any of the characters which is in stark contrast to the characters in Alien.

      1. ChuckRocksays:

        Respectfully, people need to stop making up stories that’s been`the main problem people just didn’t get it and decide to fill in the blanks themselves..Im sorry there was no inconsistency . In fact they were the clues. A lot of people didn’t get it but i can assure you the movie is not open to speculation.Some
        parts are, like all movies but there was actually a point and an amazing
        tie in to the “Alien” universe which broadens its scope and when you fully grasp what the movie is about it will blow your mind. Read my others posts on the subject which can all be backed up with secondary references links and background knowledge .

  26. ricciriccisays:

    I was just reminded of this film because of a recent post. I have to say that I stand by my comments. The MOVIE was not very good. While I hate to discuss BOX OFFICE as proof of if a movie is good or bad, I have to say that in the case of Prometheus, we wont be seeing any more of these films because it lost a TON of money.

    1. Lost a ton of money? Get your facts straight! Budget:180 million: World wide and domestic gross: 480 million+ as of June 2012.

      1. ricciriccisays:

        We are going to consider the budget of a movie that got huge breaks being filmed in the UK or are going to talk about the real world were you can ask the average moviegoer right now; “name the Alien prequel that came out in June” and most will say “Alien had a prequel?” come on don’t lie to yourself.

      2. Film making is first and foremost a BUSINESS. The numbers are the only relevant story.

      3. ricciriccisays:

        Then talk about the numbers and not a UK budget that doesnt mean much for a USA market mega-movie. They wont be making anymore. I’m trying to NEGATIVE CURSE this movie because I want Ridley Et All, to give us MORE MORE MORE.. LOL

    2. ApesMasays:

      The sequel has already been announced for 2014/15. They also announced that Lindelof will probably not be involved (our prayers have been answered).
      It was a modest success at the box office, and is expected to do well on DVD/BRD/digital downloads.
      SPOILER: It helps a lot that David survived and the shitty characters all died (Shaw was alright). I’m definitely in for another round of Fassbender-bot.

  27. i_be_yodasays:

    a problem i see is that aliens have been around for many years before that. avp suggests early 1900’s from the whaling station. predator 2 suggests even earlier with the alien skull in their ship. if its gonna link up with the alien franchise then the alien can not be engineered, it has to already exist so in my opinion, fail.

    1. ApesMasays:

      Once again: the aliens were engineered thousands of years ago! The derelict in Alien is ancient and the Engineer in it fossilized! They made sure Prometheus did NOT contradict this by not featuring the same Engineer, ship and planet. The thing at the end of Prometheus does not have to evolve into an Alien, it’s just a different version. According to Scott they are all just bio-weapons created in a lab by the Engineers.

    2. 7770j0says:

      Actually, in one of the AVP g.novels, the predators “seed” planets w/ aliens for hunting grounds. A sort of “rites to manhood” for the adolescent predators. Supposedly, this is where they get the “marks” on their foreheads, by severing an alien finger and using the acid-blood to brand themselves.

  28. The connection? One was good, one was bad.

  29. foxyfiftysays:

    One thing I do not understand. In Prometheus, they go to LV 223.
    In Alien and Aliens, its LV 426-where the space jockey is.
    What am I missing?

    1. disqus_8KNz1o2Hfssays:

      different planet/moon. The place they go in Prometheus (LV223) is not the same place the 1st Alien film is set (LV426) and it’s not supposed to be. It’s to give you history about this race of beings and how they link to alien. I’m pretty sure there is gunna be sequels to this, so just wait and see how it pans out 🙂

      1. foxyfiftysays:

        Thank you for your reply. My confusion came from the fact that I thought Prometheus was, in part, trying to show what led up to the events that would later have the Nostromo coming upon the space jockey many years later. Except on 2 different planets.
        I’ll be honest-I just watch the movies, not study them in depth. Love Alien and Aliens-watched them lots of times. I have only seen Prometheus once. I guess I should rectify that matter 🙂

  30. DevonGrey.comsays:

    Much like their human counterparts, The Engineers are presented in two factions; scientists and military. Those were not space suits, but military uniforms. The Engineer at the beginning of the film was wearing a robe, equaling scientist, philosopher, not soldier.

    All we have to do is look at ourselves to understand the conflict and motivations of The Engineers.

  31. Bensays:

    if anyone recalls alien vs predator the aliens existed in 2004 when we are introduced to both weyland and yutani

    1. ApesMasays:

      Two things: Scott feels no obligation to keep these movies in continuity with AvP.
      Second, the derelict in Alien is according to Scott thousands of years old and what they find in Prometheus is 2000 years old. Why wouldn’t they exist in 2004?

  32. Kytyrahsays:

    This movie was a disappointment as a prequel, but was entertaining standalone. No major complaints.

  33. Then why are there already aliens vs. the predator well before any of this? And it makes it appear as the predators had been growing these things for millennia to hunt! Makes no sense unless they want us to completely forget about that movie and hold the others on their storyline.

    1. this question has been answered many many many times already… spend half a second reading the comments before posting stupid questions…

      TO ALL PPL READING THIS… AVP IS CRAP… SCOTT’S PROMETHEUS IS IN NO WAY CONNECTED TO AVP… and EVEN if it is… did you guys even watch prometheus?

      the wall carvings, the fact that the engineers have been there for a long time, that xenomorph at the end of the movie is NOT THE FIRST ALIEN..

      some people…

      1. Big Red Yautjasays:

        i think alien vs predator and avp requiem were good films and tired of people saying they are crap. just because you dont like a film doesnt mean that its then crap for everyone else.

        both avp movies were very enjoyable with a great storyline and found them more enjoyable and interesting than prometheus and alien 1.

      2. Big Red Yautjasays:

        who exactly says the avp movies are not canon? if they are not canon then they shouldnt have been made but it was made and xenos were here in 1900s and 2004 long before prometheus time

        xenos existed already

      3. Big Red Yautjasays:

        not to mention the end of predator 2 movie theres a xeno skull on the trophy wall in the predator ship if aliens and predator are not linked then why id there references in predator 2 and avp and avp 2 and all the comics and books and action figure lines?

  34. Gigers work is amazing :X

  35. sorry to tell you but the ship on lv-426 was probably heading to lv-223 at least thats my guess on its destination, but i can tell you that i’m 100% sure that the engineers didn’t make the xenomorph. it was the other way around, they found the xenomorph and tried to make it into a bioweapon, well that’s what i think and the reason why i think this is because they show a xenomorph in the background, if you’re not a super huge fan of the alien universe like me you probably never see it. heck even if you were i don’t think you would see it because its there for a split second and isn’t the focus of the shot.

    if your wondering were this is at watch the scene where they find the head, look at the background in shots of david alone. i think it’s when they call to him for something and he turns his head to look at them. well just look and you’ll see it crucified in the wall in the background.of corse the engineers making bioweapon’s from the xenomorph’s is just my idea of what is going on.

    1. ChuckRocksays:

      There is no Xenomorph in this movie. The Deacon is born with an amniotic sack and umbilical chord. As ive said in a previous posts look at the sculpture on the wall. IF you look below to the left and right you will find humans being impregnated by facehuggers. The black nanite goo is the basis for all life as well as being a weapon. The entire lab is made from a non weaponized nanite goo. That’s how David discovers how to use the controls. He realizes the places is coated with bio goo as it wont freeze (listen to the dialog) . Its also how the hologram works as its in the air. The weaponized version of the black goo is a mutator and accelerant. Its the reason for evolution. Its how we were created and its how the protomorph and xenomorphs were created. Humans were not the last stage we were to be used as cattle or hosts for the next step. As we seen by the beginning of the movie to create one must sacrifice.The engineers will even sacrifice their young in order to create perfect lifeforms. The cave paintings were a warning not an invitation. Btw im not spouting ideas , go and watch the film again. I can back up everything up its not just me guessing stuff like the majority of people with this movie. Its definitely the most misunderstood movie ever made .

      1. yeah i agree, cuz in the original alien, even sigourney weavers character had said when she was running the alien message through icu that it was a warning and all…ive got to get this movie dude lol, i own every alien and predator movie, plus the video games as well ( still waiting to get my collectors edition of alien: colonial marines )…i just figured it would be better to see this movie on blu-ray and all instead of in the theatres cuz i dont want to have to listen to cellphones and crap so i can actually focus on the story aspect

    2. ChuckRocksays:

      Ohh btw the sculpture Is actually “the Deacon” emerging from the primordial goo. But forget that look below that to the left and right of where he is. Then everything ive said will all make sense 🙂

  36. Millssays:

    Prometheus felt like someone hijacked the first original Alien and did a HD remix with added theollogy.
    On top of that, none of the scientist think equipment is needed, the biologist t one point is afraid when told that aa life form has been detected wants to run in the opposite direction but when confronted with a new unknown lifeform, he pokes at it with no fear.
    David makes incredible leaps of logic when assessing th goo. It can make squid babies it must be of some help to curing weyland.
    A poor link to any of the alien films, bad characterisation.

    1. ChuckRocksays:

      Actually you are forgetting the same biologist finds slug lifeforms (alternate scenes) and even mentions ” in over 40 systems we have never found anything but microbial life” . He kneels there amazed they have encountered their first alien. In fact i think the scene is called ” Our first Alien”. So when he meets the hammerpede later in the movie which is actually a mutated version of the slug he found. Hes all like “yay more life!!” So there’s nothing stupid about his reaction. Its not a poor link to any “aliens” film. Its a direct link to the backdrop of the first “alien” movie. You know that derelict ship they found that was never explained. Well guess what Prometheus explained that and why it was carrying that cargo. But hey, maybe YOU didnt understand all that.

      1. yeah i get on the site and all and im impressed with whats been said on there…i was only 2 when the original came out and absolutely fell in love with aliens just cuz they sound so wicked lol…then in 85′ i actually got to see the 1st alien and had questions about the space jockey and why those eggs were there

  37. ChuckRocksays:

    ohh man i cant believe the amount of people that say they “got” this movie when in fact they didnt. I shall spell it out for everyone. Earth was to be used as a seeding point for the engineers parasitic biotech. Thats why they created us. The goal is to produce perfect life.We were to be used as hosts. My evidence?? look at the sculpture on the wall. Its the deacon protomorph rising from the primordial goo. But look below that to the left and right at the bottom. What do we see, yes two humans or engineers with trilobytes/ facehuggers injecting eggs into them. Go and check again if you didnt see it in the movie, its there i can assure you.. Also the biologist mentions that one of the space jockeys bodies they find has had something explode out its chest. yes they had an outbreak before they got all the cargo on board. We were to be used as the hosts for the perfect lifeform. So our gods created us to be cattle, simples! So all your theories about lv 426 are not correct. The derelict on lv426 predates the weapons lab on the moon by many thousands of years or more, thats why he was fossilized. So there ya go, that’s actually what Prometheus was about and its link to Alien. If you are in any doubt of anything ive said, watch the movie again. Also listen to the dialog when they are in the pyramid very carefully. Including the part about how the water isnt frozen although its 12 below as its actually nanite goo. The whole place is made of the stuff

    1. But that’s so anticlimactic and dumb.

      1. ChuckRocksays:

        Not at all. It explains what the backdrop to the original “Alien” was about. That was never explained until Prometheus. We never knew what the purpose of “the derelict” or its cargo were.In fact we didn’t even know the engineers existed We do now , In order to create life you need to sacrifice. Maybe you’re displacing your own stupidity by judging something as “dumb” because you didn’t understand it. Or your five word post could be the most enlightening critique of a film to ever grace the internet. I will let you decide for yourself which it is.

      2. RuckChocksays:

        It’s six words, and technically seven if you discount the contraction

    2. BobDeansays:

      By George you’ve got it!

      1. Dufferzsays:

        Agreed, after reading this posts it seemed to make more sense. I also went and watched again checked what chuckrock said about the paintings on the wall. He is right it was right in front of me the whole frikin time. Facehuggers attacking humans at the bottom of the painting. Nice!

    3. Eric Mcmannsays:

      You have to much time on your hands. It was a terrible movie. The fact that you noticed that crap in that terrible movie means you don’t have a life or a girlfriend/wife. Stop hanging out in comic book stores, playing dungeons and dragons and get a place of your own. That’s my advice.

      1. ChuckRocksays:

        No Eric im actually the complete opposite of everything you’ve just said,
        You on the other hand cannot structure or even spell very basic vocabulary.
        Yet again you’re the typical dullard that comes on notice boards and displaces all his own problems by calling people names
        I also noticed you look like this

        Do you come from a limited gene pool??? You should get yourself a new look as the uneducated dirty neanderthal look isn’t working for you. I suspect you have never even seen a real woman other than some porn videos you downloaded and keep stashed on your family Pc you misogynistic nasty little man .
        You’re just the typical sweaty pubescent troll without a clue and a really ugly one at that.
        People in glass houses kid :)..
        What height are you 5’2??Little man syndrome or something??? . Does trolling the internet and calling people names make you feel like a big man?
        Well guess what , you’re not. Good luck with that amazing future of yours Eric!! You’ll need it .

        Ohh and to help you out. If you didn’t understand any of the bigger words i used just look them up. You will find them in a Dictionary, Cheers ! 🙂

      2. Josephanthonysays:

        Bahahaha! Classy – remind me never to troll you.

      3. ChuckRocksays:

        🙂 i know im sorry i feel bad about it for being a reactionary idiot.. Believe it or not ive actually edited it down. It was even more scathing at first . 🙂

      4. DALEsays:

        LMFAO that was great and your right Chuck he does look like a neanderthalic MORON, i think his porn and his left hand are all that he could ever get! at least we do NOT HAVE TO WORRY about him REPRODUCING with a REAL GIRL anytime soon, but there are some dumb girls out there just hope NONE ARE THAT STUPID to let this guys DICK anywhere near them, he prolly has HERPES from fuc*ing SHEEP HIS WHOLE LIFE! ERIC YOU ARE AN ASSHOLE
        CHUCK you are the man

      5. angmarwitchsays:

        He’s a Scotsman… explains a lot …

      6. Okay guys, play nice, I think you guys punished him enough, no need to stoop down to his level.

      7. adudereadingthisthreadsays:


      8. Andrewsays:

        Eric was being a douche. However, I would argue you just acted like a bigger douche. Additionally, despite you giving him excessive amounts of crap for his grammatical errors, you made substantially more errors in your post berating him. You had a lack of commas when needed, a lack of apostrophes when needed, failed to capitalize proper nouns, and had run-on sentences. If you want to type in a short-hand/informal manner on the Internet, that’s fine. I would just advise you don’t do it if you are going to criticize the writing of another person, lest you risk looking like a hypocritical fool. As for your thoughts on Prometheus though, they are quite intriguing, and will likely cause me to watch the movie again with your observations in mind.

      9. ChuckRocksays:

        lol 🙂 Yeah i probably deserved that. I wasn’t trying to win any awards for grammar. If you read over my original post, it’s his neanderthal take on sentence structure i was poking fun at. I didn’t give him “excessive amounts of crap for his grammatical errors”, as you put it. I did however tell him the truth . You on the other hand come on here trolling forums talking to me up about grammar. While you use words like “douche” and “crap”? You wouldn’t be American by any chance? It amazes me the amount of Americans talk to me about bad grammar when they can neither spell or write English. Ohh you will find my “observations” to be 100% correct.
        Even Guillermo Del Toro agrees

        We are sacrifices for our gods.

      10. darkonesays:

        From the mind of an American who can write ‘English’, I should reiterate that your sorce is merely “speculation” by a director, the reason for this movie’s bad writing …is bad revision, so in my opinion your idea has major flaws, but only the future will reveal the truth.

      11. Louis.says:

        This is the comment section if a 3 page article explaining trying to explain the mythological links between Alien and Prometheus. If you don’t care for that why the f**k are you even here or even care. You should get a life as your comment serves absolutely no purpose as does your life. If the doctor your mom saw for her abortion ever realises your aluve he’ll be devastated that he missed you. (This was adapted from a nice burn curtesy of Seanbaby. I usually use my own words but it was to appropriate to ignore))

      12. Louis.says:

        Sorry for the typos. I was to amazed by this troll’s delusions to correct myself.

    4. salgandarinsays:

      best explanation I’ve seen.

    5. @disqus_VZc08zWG4b:disqus, I have to tell you. This write up is awesome! Very impressed with the way you pulled this all together.

      After nailing down the idea that we are simply cattle for their experiment, I guess the one thing that still sticks out for me is… Why do they need to create the “perfect life (form)”? To me, this is now becomes the most intriguing question that needs to be answered.

      If we assume that you are correct with the theory that the human race and planet Earth are simply their lab for creating these perfect killing species, then what set of circumstances are the Engineers in to find it necessary to create these perfect creatures?

      Are they at war with another race? If so, why test this on us, since our DNA would be different than some other race?

      Are they looking to use these creatures/viruses to kill each other in some Engineer civil war?

      Basically, what does creating these creatures do for them?

      Good stuff. Thanks again!

      1. ChuckRocksays:

        Hey thanks for reading it. Well ironically we take that very “flame” (metaphorically speaking) back to the moon. Its our DNA, which is exactly the same as the engineers.Remember Shaw finds that there’s a perfect match. So they were in fact hybridizing themselves but through us. When we go to the moon its our DNA that sets of the chain of events. It give us a glimpse of what was in store for earth. If you looked at David 8’s Top Secret files (explanation of the goo link ive posted) on the human experimentation he was carrying out with the black goo. His findings are that inhalation only produces minimum effects. Whereas ingestion through the water supply would have infected all of humanity.1 to 9 Hours after human ingestion heightened libido (heightened sexuality) occurs which would have laid the foundations on earth for what we see in the movie, Ironically. They were seeding (literally) the next step in biomech hybrid through human impregnation and gestation. We also get to see the results at the very end and its also in the sculpture ive pointed out.”The Deacon” Its born much like a human with umbilical chord and amniotic sack.Has human teeth and is a essentially a biped mammal. As i say im not speculating, study the “top secret” weyland document i posted. Btw its also official and not just some fan made it up in photoshop 🙂

        Your last question really is the million dollar one. Why were they hybridizing us?To what end? and what is Perfect?? Was it the Xeno that we’ve already seen?
        mm I dont know. But ive see the official unused concept art for the fully grown deacon protomorph we see at the end. Its about 25 feet tall and looks like a human Xeno Hybrid. Looks like it would eat a Xeno or Cameron’s queen for breakfast

        If you hunt around you will find some renditions of it. Its just concepts though as it was obviously never used

        Some speculation about points of view.
        Perhaps as a species we are taking it too personally. I mean they sacrifice one of their own children at the start of the movie without thinking about it in order to create a platform for life to grow. We must be ants in comparison to one of their own maybe even just a petri dish.Maybe we should consider it a honor?
        Perhaps what drives them is the search for perfection. Its never explained and you’re definitely asking the right questions . Perhaps its because we see it as “oh my god!!! they want to destroy the earth and all of humanity ”
        The engineers see it as. ” Thats what you were created for, humanity is just one stop in a long line of evolutionary adjustments we are doing”

        I do know originally in a earlier script there was to be about 8 different xeno looking mutations. Which would all be different depending on who they mutated from.You would actually see traces of the human inside the xenos transparent head. Yet again there is concept art out on the web and on the blu ray that you can see.
        But it was all dropped for the more enigmatic approach.
        Maybe in the sequels we will find out the answers to the many questions we have. But at least we are asking ourselves the right questions by the end of the film.

        Just some interesting extras ive thrown in for fun

        Gigers original Alien Life cycle (zoom in and take note of the pyramid shape at the top) Notice the black worm goo pouring from the eye then becoming the egg 🙂 Giger had this idea back in 78 whilst designing the stuff for “Alien”.

        Gigers original design for the Alien/Engineers Pyramid from 1978 that was never used.

        Gigers original Facehugger design from 1977

        Notice any similarities to the end of Prometheus 🙂

        Or the base of the protomorph sculpture in Prometheus 🙂

        hehe yeah its the same piece of artwork


      2. Lancesays:

        I didn’t have that many complaints about Prometheus, but I thought there was definitely some things that I quesitoned, or was over looking. Because in all honesty, I knew most of the questions (or links to the alien universe) would be there, you just have to look for them, and make your own assessment. That’s what I think Ridley Scott was trying to do. Not really say “ok, here it is” but more like, “it’s there… just look deeper”. Which I think is awesome, and a very artistic way to make a movie, especially in this vein. So I just wanted to say thanks for the information, that’s definitely stuff I missed! And it does seem to make a lot more sense. I think I’ll watch it again after work tonight! Cheers!

      3. JeffDsays:

        Simply awesome explanations and links to evidence to support your hypothesis. Thanks a bunch. You must be an insider or one hell of a superfan.

      4. Louis-Alexandre Simardlouissays:

        Why to they want to create the perfect life form? Because they can. Then again I don’t find xenomorphs to be that perfect. They are unsuccessful parasites as they kill their hosts. They are unable to reproduce without hosts therefore they will eventually run out of hosts as they lack the intelligence to farm hosts. So the other possibility is that the engineers are breeding weapons but for what kind of war. If the scene in the beginning of Prometheus is the start of life on earth then the engineers have been working on this for about 3.5 billion years. And that’s 3.5 billion years during which they didn’t significantly advance technologically except for refining the bio-goo. They also didn’t evolve for 3.5 billion years. So ya. Lots a questions left unanswered.

      5. DugwardEdisonsays:

        No questions were left unanswered for the audience only the characters in the movie. They were not trying to breed xeno’s they were trying to breed “the deacon” google it.

      6. Thanks for that info. So i guess the next question is, how did the Xenomorphs enter the picture if the Jockeys/Engineers were only looking to create the Deacons? I assume that question is unanswered and hopefully the next Prometheus movie(s) will explain that? I always read that Ridley Scott didn’t necessarily want the Prometheus and Alien stories to sync, so who knows, right? 🙂

      7. Wrackemsays:

        I recall that in AVP, there was a “temple” wherein alien eggs were stored…perhaps we are perfect hosts for the alien eggs, because we were created for that purpose by the ‘Prometheans’ — who may be at war with the Predators, who view us as little more than being said hosts.

      8. Susi-Qsays:

        No, no, no, no, NO. Sorry, but the AVP movies, and indeed all of the Alien sequels were completely disregarded by Ridley Scott. He has said this repeatedly. He is completely ignoring them. Basically Prometheus does not exist in the same universe as Aliens, The Alien Queen, any of the later movies, and DEFINITELY not Predator. So all theories that draw information from those movies are wrong before they even get off the ground. Just keep it to Alien and Prometheus. Consider it a parallel Alien universe if you will!

    6. Those are fair thoughts. Even without seeing the movie more than once I think one could say that we did not witness the origin of the xenomorph. Correct me if Im wrong because I am not sure of how canonical (nor do I keep notes on movie “facts”) the Predator movies are but it is widely believed that an alien skull is in the trophie room on their ship. Also whether one likes or dislikes the Alien vs Predator movies they were allowed to be made which makes the presence of the aliens supported. All of those movies took place more or less in modern time right? In any case I think the scene was more to show that the xenomorphs and humans share DNA…and also to get people talking.

      1. ChuckRocksays:

        We all share the same DNA yup. But what we see at the end is not a xenomorph. Its a hybrid and the intended result of the mutation that was to take place on earth. Yeah they were gonna wipe us out in the process but as we see from the start sacrifice is necessary. The Predator doesn’t exist in ridleys original Alien and it doesn’t exist in Prometheus. But lets say just hypothetically that they do.

        Well they would come from the same place all other life came from in the universe. The engineers and the black goo. We are all made from the black goo
        Its the original missing link in the primordial soup which jump starts and creates all life.

      2. that guysays:

        btw the first picture you link in your first post, shows the black goo spawning from the eygptian sky/space godess nut

    7. DALEsays:

      AWESOME explanation, this has really helped answer the questions I have had with the movie! I agree with all of what you said and it seems like you know what your talking about so I will go with it!!! THANKS

      1. ChuckRocksays:

        No problems man. Thanks for taking the time to read it. All the best!

      2. Louis-Alexandre Simardsays:

        Again the only thing that bugs me is that the movie seems to imply that the scene in the beginning is the start of life in earth. That’s 3.5 billion years ago. The Engineers don’t seem to have significantly advanced in those 3.5 billion years. Again 3.5 billion years. Just look at the last 100 000 years of humanity and imagine 3.5 billion years.

      3. DugwardEdisonsays:

        The planet at the start is not earth. Plus we discover in the movie that the black goo causes rapid mutation and evolution at a far faster rate that previously thought. Its the missing link

    8. I’m surprised you didn’t point out the xenomorph in the center of the structure positioned as Jesus on the cross. You’re right, the Engineers were all about sacrifice and who made the “ultimate sacrifice” on earth? Jesus. Now this is a question: does the upper portion of the carving not look like the head of the Queen xenomorph?

      1. ChuckRocksays:

        Yeah but its techincally not a xeno on the wall though. Its the deacon which is the hybridization of xeno and humans they were aiming for. Human teeth, umbilical cord. Its a mammal 🙂 Yup. I didnt want to go into the symbolism as it can fry peoples heads. But yeah its all there. Christmas day, sacrifice ,crucified poses,virgin births,Snakes in the garden, hidden knowledge, the links to Jesus and his sacrifice i could go on but, Yeah man you obviously get the overt symbolism too. To be honest i didnt pick up on that stuff until the second watch as i was too interested in the design and story side of things. But its laden with symbols as you quite rightly point out.

      2. Alex Josephsays:

        I think xenomorph already existed, and that engineers were trying to duplicate them. When you see the xenomorph in the cross position, that is what worship and in their mind that is the perfect species

      3. Johnny Poxvillesays:

        I totally agree with you Alex. The engineers admired and maybe even worshipped the Alien. The deacon is a result of the Engineers experiments, maybe even an unintentional one.

      4. Yes, ChuckRock, I just up-voted this post 2 years later! I love coming back to this thread to reread these posts and see if anything was added to this discussion! Hope all is well.

      5. Johnny Poxvillesays:

        It seems to me that the mural represents the lifecycle of the Alien and yes includes Cameron’s Queen.

    9. Waltersays:

      I think people made the mistake of assuming humanity did something wrong in order to draw the ire of the Engineers. Ridley Scott said the Engineers are like gardeners. And consider, when you rip out your rose bushes to plant new flowers, do you feel guilty for killing the rose bushes? Nope. You need to take them out, so you can plant something new.

      1. ChuckRocksays:

        precisely, we are just building blocks for the gods

    10. Benjamin Eugene NElsonsays:

      *laughs* Is that you Mr Scott?

      After all unless you’re the writer or director I don’t think you can say for sure what the writer/director means about the movie.

      1. DugwardEdisonsays:

        Actually he can as the whole story is based on HP Lovecraft’s ” At the mountains of madness”. Even guillermo del toro had to can the version of lovecrafts story as Ridley beat him to it…….So yeah its about sacrifice

      2. ChuckRocksays:

        As has been already pointed out to you. Prometheus is a take on HP Lovecraft’s “At the mountains of madness” . Here’s a link to another article and i would advise you read Lovecraft’s original.

      3. Benjamin Eugene NElsonsays:

        I have read Lovecraft’s original.

        More than once. And I’m going to assume that you didn’t intend the very snobbish tone that this is coming across in.

      4. ChuckRocksays:

        Snobbish tone from an internet post? a tad narcissistic of you, no?
        Sounds like displacement and a bit of cognitive dissonance if you ask me .
        Your original post exclaimed how could I possibly know what the director meant. So who is being snobbish again?
        Watch the blu ray and extras, hey even read the various drafts of the script that are included. I know i have. Ridley likes talking. He made it pretty clear what the movie is about and where the influences come from.
        Its also no secret that HR Giger is massively influenced by Lovecrafts works especially the StarChild / Cthulhu mythos.

        If informed comes across as snobbish , forgive me.

        But remember you’re the one coming on here totally uninformed telling me i don’t know what im talking about.

      5. Benjamin Eugene NElsonsays:

        Yah, I get it.. you ARE a snob.. and a snob that makes themselves feel better by thinking that knowing more about a movie makes you superior.

        Goodbye, I won’t be feeding your insecurities anymore.

      6. ChuckRocksays:

        Troll much Benjamin? Judging by your other posts on disquss quite a lot. Cant face the fact you didn’t get the plot but others did?. Sounds a lot like sour grapes to me. I will leave you to your dodgy punctuation and narcissistic prepubescent trolling tendencies. Goodbye

      7. droogsays:

        Ah ad hominem, the mark of the unenlightened I only wish to add that polite discourse requires gracious tact, which I feel you lack.

    11. Someotherguysays:

      I think you’ve got a lot of balls to claim that your speculation is anything but just that – speculation. Saying that, I do believe you have clearly spent more time researching this movie than possibly anyone else on this planet. I have just one question which has been plaguing me, and I was hoping you may be able to help: why did the engineers bother to teach us about themselves? Why do all of these ancient civilisations across the world know enough about them to be able to illustrate their precise location? And finally, if the engineers are so developed that they can decide what the “perfect” being is, why would they choose a ferocious beast that appears to possess little more understanding than hunt, kill, and reproduce? What would be the point of bringing that to replace humans? They’d just be doing the same thing as us, just at a faster rate.
      And sorry, just one last thing – I admire that you think this movie is the pinnacle of human story telling, but it is just as full of plot holes and superfluous details masked as depth as any other movie of the genre. If you don’t agree with someone, it does not mean they’re dumber than you. Grow up. Xxxxxxx

      1. DugwardEdisonsays:

        No not dumber as intelligence and knowledge are not linked. He is 100% correct though. The movie is based on HP Lovecrafts “At the mountains of madness” . It was abandoned due to “Prometheus” being the same film but in space. So sorry he doesn’t have balls just all the facts.
        I can answer your questions although if you read what has been posted you would already have the answers. We were being taught to sacrifice ourselves for the greater good. In the original script they actually had a reference to Jesus being a hybrid human / spacejockey. Who was sent to teach us to, yup. SACRIFICE . They were not trying to breed xenomorphs. They were trying to create “The Deacon” which is a human/engineer/xerno hybrid. We see it at the end and its also shown on the tomb wall rising from primordial black goo. So perhaps you should “grow up” and learn that understanding something is different from watching it. I suggest you go and watch a Disney cartoon. You might find the plot easier to comprehend.

    12. 7770j0says:

      I agree w/ you on most of the theories, but the alien’s “bio-structure” depends on it’s host, though some traits from all species who fall host are retained or added to their gene pool, making them the perfect adaptable weapon. We are not exact replicas of the “engineers”, which themselves seem to be synthetic beings like David and Bishop. The whole “perfecting evolution” theory is ridiculous to me. The aliens are a bio-weapon that got out of control. The scene at the beginning is a rogue engineer, maybe from a whole sect who split from their brothers, I believe (similar to the fallen angels). He was dressed in robes, similar to priests or monks, very different from the exo-suits the others wear. He seemed to be the real representation of Prometheus, not the ship. In the myth, Prometheus creates mankind and steals fire from the Gods to give to us, for which he is punished. That’s why they want to destroy us, we are an abomination in their eyes. We are also a major threat to their race, because we have their DNA which allows us to manipulate their technology (the dome seems to come to life when the team enters). It just doesn’t make sense that the cave walls depict a “friendly” engineer showing us where they are from. This would put their home planet in danger of an invasion (I doubt all species would be as naive as us to put a map of their home along w/ clues to how weak a species they are and send it out into space – the golden record). I think the cave paintings are representing a warning, NOT an invitation. Another thing is the “war room” scene of the holograms preparing for the delivery of the bio-weapon. There are quite a few planets on the target list, NOT just Earth. This made me wonder, who are they at war with? A rogue sect, another unseen race, or maybe even the predators (though I doubt the latter, this may explain where the later version of the aliens come from). The original space-jockey didn’t seem anymore fossilized than the bodies in the dome, just weathered, so I can’t agree that the derelict on lv426 is a thousand years before the we show up on lv426. Another major thing that no one mentions is Fifold’s transformation. He didn’t have a chest-burster, his mutation was like Holloway’s, more of a zombie effect. I think the engineers are synthetically created, basically clones. That’s why they are so similar, they have no females. That’s what causes the major change in the aliens. I think Shaw was the first female that the alien DNA had ever encountered, which is the queen’s origin. After Prometheus stole the fire, Zeus sent the first woman to Earth, Pandora, as punishment. Pandora’s box was opened, and out came death. The species were meant to destroy everything on a planet, then die out when the hosts are gone. That way the engineers can come down and harvest whatever resources they need w/out poisoning the planet w/ radiation, etc. or going to war themselves. The queen however, can reproduce on her own, and expand the hive creep (the organic mutation of the environment). If I recall, she could even communicate w/ the drones through ESP (what species did this trait come from?). This is probably why a woman is the main hero/heroine in the movies (another Biblical reference to Eve and Mary, who in Revelations, are the ultimate destruction of the dragon, or satan because they are a vessel of life which Christ is brought into the world). The original concept of the alien was modeled after a penis (if you don’t believe me, just reference some of Giger’s other art, “Landscapes” for example). He is a very sexual artist, and all his works are phallic or yonic. This is also linked to the black goo, and it’s similarity to semen. I don’t think the black goo creates life, it mutates it. The opening scene clearly displays this as the DNA strands of the engineer mutate after he collapses into the water.

      1. DugwardEdisonsays:

        The whole story is based on HP Lovecraft’s ” At the mountains of madness”. Even guillermo del toro had to can the version of lovecrafts story as Ridley beat him to it…….So yeah its about sacrifice and Chuck is 100%

      2. darkonesays:

        So a rumor, and speculation from a lackluster director makes truth? before you make ad hominem attacks I am using my phone and my iq is higher than yours ;).

      3. Susi-Qsays:

        Except that the Predators and the Queen are not in Ridley Scott’s Alien universe. He has clearly stated numerous times that he is completely disregarding all sequels that came after Aline. Just forget about them and consider Alien and Prometheus together.

        I like your point about them possibly being clones and that Shaw may be the first female the goo has encountered. Perhaps these clones are the worker bees for another group with its own agenda?

      4. Susi-Qsays:

        *Alien, not Aline! 😉

    13. Nestor Nunezsays:

      Well Dude! You got my vote on writing the sequel!!!

    14. Dylansays:

      OMG how about the predators I have a crazy theory as to how they come into play.

    15. CPH127says:

      Thank you for a brilliant analysis and making me want to watch the movie once more:)
      Kindest regards from,

    16. Maybe it’s a dream in the wrong direction, since those movies (The VS. series) were really bad… but creating a perfectg species maybe has something to do with Predators.

      One man can dream… even with bad movies.

    17. Maybe it’s a dream in the wrong direction, since those movies (The VS. series) were really bad… but creating a perfectg species maybe has something to do with Predators.

      One man can dream… even with bad movies.

    18. Kylesays:

      I think you should send this to those know- it-all asshole film critics who wrote this movie as being nothing more than a simple over the type Sci-Fi flick. I myself feel a little shameful now after reading your comment. At first I had felt let down from Scott, (being one of those great definitive and visionary directors during a time of great movie making) now my eyes are opened and I wish I would have realized this sooner of his intentions. I understood right off the bat the Space Jockey’s created humanity but I didn’t know we where created to be nothing more than mere cattle which makes a little more sense, but at the same time weren’t they going to annihilate humanity, because of the perfect life form or just because we had become to unruly?

    19. Susi-Qsays:

      I love all of this stuff but it isn’t necessarily definitive. I’ve seen some other fantastic theories that also tick the boxes of all the info shown and provided.

      A few points I quite like include the part where the Engineers are actually in two groups (original Prometheus artwork shows this) and the ones we see in Prometheus are more the foot soldiers with others being the brains and leaders. There are theories that these groups are at war with each other and are using us to test weapons to use against each other.

      Another theory says that they are creators and that what is shown at the beginning is all a cycle of sacrifice to create life. The black liquid changes according to the intent with which it is used. The Engineer at the beginning sacrificed himself in the appropriate way and “good” life was created. The humans are just endlessly curious and constantly pursuing more information and power to the detriment of all else, as will as always looking to just save their own lives, and so we create this invasive creature that mindlessly destroys in order to live.

      Or the black liquid gets pre-engineered to be good or bad, and this lot is bad.

      There’s also the whole Space Jesus theory which is interesting. Note all of the imagery of the slashed abdomen and sacrifice. This ties in to the drawings throughout time. So briefly, the theory goes that they created us (along with other worlds) and then every thousand or so years they would send a representative to help guide us. Thus the cave drawings. Then about 2000 years ago (note the carbon dating of the dead engineers), they sent their representative and the humans had grown arrogant and no longer wanted to listen to the guidance provided so they destroyed him. Thus the “Jesus” part. A god-like creature with seemingly magical powers who we turned on and killed. Then the Engineers got angry and decided that this particular experiment had gone wrong so they decided to wipe us out using their special weapon, and start again. They got ready to send it all to us, but something went wrong… Perhaps their own anger sparked the black goo in a bad way?

      Anyway, can’t wait for the next movies!

      1. Susi-Qsays:

        And just to add one more point, I like the idea that the reaction of the Engineer when he is woken up is explained in that he is so disgusted by Weyland waking him up just to ask about extending his own life – which is the antithesis to the whole Engineer thing of sacrifice in order to create new life.

  38. Natassays:

    Was just a confused mess as far as i am concerned. The “Scientists” were completely retarded and behaved like infant children. As for the plot, i gave up caring once the muppet took off his helmet. He did not seem to care whether there was possible unknown pathogens that harm him. Then the rest of the crew followed like little children and took their helmets off too. Just so poorly thought out, Ridley Scott should have known better. One redeeming quality and the only reason I watched the rest of the movie was Fassbender’s performance, he was epic and the only reason to watch this tripe.

    1. ChuckRocksays:

      yup and sticking your head into a big vagina looking egg is soooo intelligent. . Btw the so called scientists are there as pawns and hopefully to become infected so weyland corp can seize the biotech they have been chasing before their competitors Yutani get it. There are only two real scientists the rest are mercenaries. You think they were there because of some cave paintings? I mean weyland trying to get hold of the biotech and the power struggle within the company has been the backdrop for how many movies? The life support pod just for the management seem suspicious? Did you actually watch the movie?
      So perhaps instead of slagging something off as tripe. You should ask yourself. “did i really understand this movie or pay attention??Or was i too busy trying to pick plot holes that i didnt actually see the film?” As your post only serves to illustrate that you did not understand or pay attention to any of it. Your opinion is all well and good but at least have an informed opinion.

      1. i kinda wished ( from the previews ive seen ) they wouldve came up with a lance henrickson looking character for weyland since hes always been portayed as mr. weyland lol

  39. BobDeansays:

    What you’ve failed to mention is in the room where the vials of goo are there are also other dead engineers who (at least some) already have holes where something burst out of and that is on LV-223, another thing there is a wall with a depiction of what looks to be a xenomorph like creature, which points that maybe the xenomorphs were too much to control so the engineers refined them into the goo that way they could transport them to Earth easier and safer while having a more devastating effect.

  40. wowsays:

    “My theory is that on one of the other 4 planets, there are more
    Engineers who go back to LV-223 and discover the xenomorph which has
    hatched from the body of one of their fallen brothers.”
    this is completely utterly wrong
    The engineers already knew about Xenomorphs. when they first enter the room with the engineers head. Holloway looks at the statue/picture on the wall of a Xenomorph.
    Which means the engineers already had knowledge of xenomorphs.
    whole article written about ur theory and u miss something as obvious as this…

  41. euansmithsays:

    The “science” in Prometheus is so poor, the operating procedures used by the humans so lax and “religion” so weak; that this really is one of the most disappointing films I have seen.

    “Alien” is a classy horror film and so the unexplained elements are unimportant to the plot and actually add to the sense of claustrophobic menace.

    “Aliens” is an action adventure film so the plot holes are entirely excusable as the intention of the film is to provide a roller-coaster ride.

    “Prometheus” set it self up as an insightful philosophical exploration of the background to the first film. As a result, it should have had a well researched background to provide a framework for its thesis. Instead we are given a nonsensical series of events surrounded by a stream of drivel.

    1. toryshanesays:

      Actually I think this works,though I am not sure if it was the intention of Scott. The Science was poor but consider that at this point mankind had conquered space and had the medical advances to at least prolong life, even complicated surgery could be done by a robot in a matter of seconds. Mankind had even become creators with the introduction of synthetic life forms. It is easy to accept that the best of our scientists would be so arrogant that they would be totally unprepared for something that really challenged them. A lot of what happened was a stretch to be sure, but I can buy an encroaching intellectual lethargy in this future earth. Plus consider that almost every man on Earth lived under the shadow of a corporation at this time so all people were subject to the official policy of the corporation which can easily dull our intellect. As for Religion being weak? Well, religion led Dr. Shaw to go to deep space on a dangerous journey to see her maker. That is hardly weak. And her reaction at seeing her maker be so seemingly brutal and uncaring is equally understandable.

      Consider it this way… You found your creator and he left an invitation just for you. But when you find him he is dead, broken and afraid of something. And then when at last you discover one of your makers alive he reacts with indifference and then rage. That would shake any ones belief.

      I do hoever agree that Prometheus had a philosophical agenda but failed to really deliver. Perhaps because the whole underlying philosophy came from a single set piece that was only intended to be eye candy for a film that was itself meant to be toss away B movie.

      1. euansmithsays:

        I really like your background idea for the story (its a bit like Rob Grant’s novel Incompetence).

        The weakness of the religion I felt was summed up in Dr Shaw’s reason for believing; it appeared to be a choice rather than a need.

        What really annoyed me about this film is that, having come up with a plot, filling in the details and getting them correct is the easy bit. You can even sub-contract fact finding to your underpaid researchers. The science was so so bad; its almost as though the writers did no research at all.

      2. toryshanesays:

        I gave the science aspect a lot of thought myself and I agree that it mostly fell apart, with the scientists seemingly the biggest idiots and the non-scientists, the captain for example being the most believable and rational. And this gave me an idea. Science itself can become a religion, in fact modern day scientists often hold themselves up as if they were priest. They have a secret language, rites of initiation, they tend to view non-scientists, outsiders as less worthy to penetrate the mysteries. And if we go back in time we easily discover that Priests once functioned as scientists. The Priests who embalmed the Pharisees engaged in science, the alchemists were both priestly initiates and scientists, even the ancient shaman who explored his universe by testing naturally occurring drugs from peyote to Caffeine was a scientists. If we stretch science far enough, to the point where we can create artificial, do complex surgery in minutes with no side effects, travel to deep space, induce sleep through cryo-stasis that mimics immortality then the scientists could easily come full circle and be spooked by “ghosts”, or things that go bump in the night.

        But what if this was a deliberate way to show that despite the science required to make a journey like that possible in the end science, and thus scientists are secondary to religion? That it is religion (or perhaps conviction and faith) , not science that drives us to explore the universe. The Biologist initially ran from the discovery of new life, the geologist seemed unwilling to explore what was at first thought to be an alien cavern. David, the artificial life made by humans both adored the humans that made him and loathed them, The first question asked after people began to wake from cryostasis was “is anyone dead” revealing a lack of complete trust in science despite a complete reliance on it, even the super advanced surgery pod proved unequal to the task of killing the “foreign body” after it was removed fr, Dr. Shaw’s womb. By contrast leaps of faith drove the story forward. From the faith that the air was not just breathable but also safe, The faith that forced an old dying man to leave his world, the faith that drove Dr, Shaw to cling ever more tightly to her crucifix, even her faith that if she could just find the Engineers she could find an answer.

        And here is where it really ties in with the Alien mythos. There is nothing scientific about the xenomorphs. They are basically just animals driven by instinct., pure biology and thus purely non scientific in nature. Their acid blood, their vital essence if you will can destroy technology. And if you look at the Engineers ship, or what I increasingly believe to be a temple / ship you see almost no recognizable technology and thus almost no science but an abundance of natural shapes, organic contours, and symbols of some type religious affectation. In the notes from the DVD it seems as if Scott now says that the Engineers were making a bio weapon but Scott has been known to obfuscate before and of course nothing in the script suggest this so we can consider that the Engineers themselves were kept somewhat fluid, allowing their purpose to be defined not only by the edicts of the script but through interpretations for later films. After all the Engineer began life as a background image with no meaning at all.

      3. 7770j0says:

        How many successful scientists w/ money and a comfortable life are going to just hop on a spaceship and fly to an unknown planet w/ unknown threats, and risk their lives to persue something that may not exist at all? The crew is made up of desperate people wanting to make some money. Too many people bitch about the crew. David and Shaw were meant to be the only characters the audience would get attached to.

  42. jimmy choosays:

    all i gotta say is the writer stole the idea of credits as money from biowares mass effect trilogy lol. :p

    1. 7770j0says:

      No, Shadowrun the RPG, used credits way back in early 90’s.

  43. toryshanesays:

    Here is a thought We see a colossal statue of an Engineer in the spaceship (I personally believe it to be a temple) surrounded by the canisters with the Black Goo. It seems odd to put these weaponized canisters in such a ritualistic formation around a giant statue when all the others were carefully placed in storage. Unless there was a reason behind it. What if the canisters (incubators) were there to be hatch and the life that emerges was meant to see the statue thus imprinting the way a new born infant imprints to his mothers presence. And we saw two religious rituals in the film, the first was a ritual sacrifice / act of transformation on the planet we assume to be Earth and the second was ritual chamber. We have no way of knowing whey the space suited aliens were running to this location, but we do know that all but one of those depicted seem to have made it through the closing door with only one left to have his head cut off by the door. So where did the rest of the Engineers come from who were outside the door with at least one with a hole in his chest?

    A religious ritual gone wrong? Worshiping the entropic forces represented by the xenomorph?

  44. ricciriccisays:

    I just watched this movie again and I can not change my feelings or review. As a sci-fi movie it is simple fun. I have a hard time giving up my “reality” for the fantasy due to strange plot moments. For example, to go deep into the cave system and THEN release the cute little floating bots that explore and track the cave extensively bothers my brain. Why put yourself in danger? Send in the bots, map the place and then go in. Another reason the first few Alien stories worked so well is they tried hard to remain fanciful yet grounded in reality. I dont recall a lot of floating uber-high tech devices that immediately shut my logic centers down. There was something very REAL about space in these movies because all of the tech -from what I remember- just didnt deny the fantasy. I mean the super human android is about the extent of the tech. Floating balls that map entire cave systems? Disney stuff. Give me the old Ridley back please.

    1. ChuckRocksays:

      The whole first act of “alien” made no sense at all. Its was the mystique and enigma that made you wonder what in the hell it was. Another point is they are all pawns apart from the management in all the Alien movies including Prometheus. That’s why they are sent in, to hopefully get infected. You know exactly the same as the first movie and the 2nd movie ect ect. I didn’t think Ridley had to explain the power struggle within weyland and the struggle to acquire the bio tech again. They were not there because of cave paintings.
      Even in the first “alien” they are sent in for no apparent reason. The ship wakes them out of hyper sleep. In fact in many ways its exactly the same setup as Alien.

      Anyway i have yet to see any credible plot hole pointed out to me. Just people misunderstanding the film and backdrop. If Ridley had done the opposite and explained all the backdrop it would have became like the star wars prequels and everyone would be complaining that there was too much unneeded detail and the film was too long. That’s why the viral campaign was so big and filled in a lot of the holes.

      Anyway thank you for your informed opinion it makes a real difference from the usual “its crap” posts. Cheers 🙂

  45. I think perhaps LV-426 in Alien was actually LV-223 – that they are infact one and the same and the corporation will simply lie and mislead the crew of the Nostromo into landing on LV223 under false premises. They already told them that it was a rescue mission when it was a warning. So perhaps the warning they intercepted was the warning sent at the end of Prometheus. Because it’s well established that’s what the Weyland corporation did quite well – manipulation and deceit.

  46. cptbloorsays:

    the thing that i dont quite get is.. i thought it was predator that breeded aliens for hunting purposes.. i have seen that alot of people have said about weyland the the underground temple in AVP but the thing i dont get it… at what point did the “engineers/predators” turn from human looking life forms into hench jamaican vampire batmen.. i mean the helmets of the engineers in prometheus have a striking resembelence to the hunter masks in predator films

    1. Brady1138says:

      Prometheus assumes AVP never happened. Which was a very good idea.

      1. pyro85says:

        I agree.

  47. Awesome post! Very informative!! Love the comments. Also very informative! Thanks everyone for doing the “digging” on this! I only connected the alien at the end of Prometheus to the Aliens movies until I read this. I am now going to watch BOTH movies again!

  48. ZacMsays:

    While I enjoyed this article it entirely leaves out another excellent Scott film “Blade Runner”, a loose adptation of a Phillip Dick short story, and it’s place in the Alien mythos. In Blade Runner the Replicants are introduced. In my mind we have this chain of movie events – Blade Runner, Prometheus, Alien.

  49. Frank Bartlettsays:

    my issue is with the continuity of the other alien movies.. specifically the AvP ones.. how did the Xenomorphs from the first alien movie get to earth 5000 years ago if they weren’t developed until after Prometheus landed on LV-426?

  50. M4ÜRºsays:

    The armor…??? I always thought that the guy on that ship on Alien was a fossilized being from whatever place of the universe for maybe thousands of years. Thats why it was scary to them to explore down there. Somethings dont need explanation …

  51. Prince Pemptonsays:

    Some may not agree but Predator , in more ways than one, can be tied into this movie. Reason 1 they never showed what was chasing the engineers when the crew was watching the hologram, second predator is always searching for the best weapon/fighter/competition, third let’s say the predators did come to LV-223 and they killled the engineers and stole a few of those canistors it could set the base for alien vs. Predator explaining how and why the predators used the aliens. Also remember predators have the ability to time travel. Even though there is a slight size difference between the engineers and predators, the predators have weapons camouflage and the huge predator from “Predators” the black scorpion predator.

  52. Prince Pemptonsays:

    Some may not agree but Predator , in more ways than one, can be tied into this movie. Reason 1 they never showed what was chasing the engineers when the crew was watching the hologram, second predator is always searching for the best weapon/fighter/competition, third let’s say the predators did come to LV-223 and they killled the engineers and stole a few of those canistors it could set the base for alien vs. Predator explaining how and why the predators used the aliens. Also remember predators have the ability to time travel. Even though there is a slight size difference between the engineers and predators, the predators have weapons camouflage and the huge predator from “Predators” the black scorpion predator.

  53. Jawwad raufsays:

    Dude what about Alien vs Predator

    how do you connect then

  54. Quartz_Nationsays:

    Why does Dr. Manhattan make a cameo appearance in Prometheus anyway? 🙂

  55. personally i liked all these movies and any branch off from them including the avp films but how do the story lines add up if you throw them into the mix

  56. Michael Clinesays:

    I like the idea of the engineers being intergalactic conquerors or mercenaries, using these creatures as planet-killing bio-weapons. The only problem is that at some point, predators have to be introduced to the story because they’ve already been clearly linked to the history of the alien species. The predators could be the nemesis of the engineers and after being attacked by and repelling the perfected bio-weapon, they capture it and use it to train their warriors to fight against the engineers. The only hiccup is that at some point, it would have to be introduced to the story that the predators use time-travel technology. That would be the only way to explain them using Earth in the past and present day as a training ground, or hunting ground and bringing the perfected killing species with them to Earth.

  57. ..I kinda stopped reading when you said that the black gunk was a weapon. There is no reason to suspect that it is, when there are other things that it could be. Hell, there was nothing that actually proved that they intended to destroy Earth either. To me one of the best things about this movie is that characters jump to conclusions (just like in real life) without any facts or evidence, based on their own fears and beliefs. There was nothing in this film to actually suggest that anything they believed was true. My only question was if the writer actually intended this, or if it was just a wonderful side effect of bad writing (im inclined to believe the second, because Lindeloff is kinda crap.

  58. Someotherguysays:

    I think you’ve got a lot of balls to claim that your speculation is anything but just that – speculation. Saying that, I do believe you have clearly spent more time researching this movie than possibly anyone else on this planet. I have just one question which has been plaguing me, and I was hoping you may be able to help: why did the engineers bother to teach us about themselves? Why do all of these ancient civilisations across the world know enough about them to be able to illustrate their precise location? And finally, if the engineers are so developed that they can decide what the “perfect” being is, why would they choose a ferocious beast that appears to possess little more understanding than hunt, kill, and reproduce? What would be the point of bringing that to replace humans? They’d just be doing the same thing as us, just at a faster rate.
    And sorry, just one last thing – I admire that you think this movie is the pinnacle of human story telling, but it is just as full of plot holes and superfluous details masked as depth as any other movie of the genre. If you don’t agree with someone, it does not mean they’re dumber than you. Grow up. Xxxxxxx

  59. Lucassays:

    I hated Prometheus because I hated the whole engineer premise. The ‘alien’ in the space suit was nothing more than a big space human? What a disappointment. Also the total disregard for evolution. I know it’s science fiction, but come on.

  60. hey everyone, by this picture with the space jockey sat down he looks a lot bigger than he is in prometheus, who agree’s?

  61. I loved the movie and was interested to see how it linked back to the original Alien movie etc but in all honesty, to put so much effort into this make believe world as some of you guys have here is more than a bit “over the top”.
    Then to go roaming facebook and go on about peoples pictures and so forth and jump on the degradation trail at him and others is comical at best!
    By the way I am well aware that I am indeed doing the same thing but unlike others I won’t be wasting my time wandering facebook for photo’s in a childish attempt to make myself look better, or smarter than anyone else(Only to in effect end up looking like a petulant child).
    Eric was right, you seriously need to focus some of the time you have spent on this on other things and….
    GET A LIFE!!!…lol

  62. Gagarinsays:

    Alien loaded Derelict is marooned on Lv 426 since likely as long as the catastrophe that befell the facility at 223.
    If you take time to look through the extras at BR, you’ll realize, that WY and David were well aware, that there was a very faint signal emanating from moon orbiting a gas giant further away from the sun in the same system.
    They had high hopes for it but decided to start with Lv223.
    Take a wild guess what it refers to. 😛
    Hint: Lv 426 😀

    With that in mind, it’s obvious that the Alien is a lot older as a species than three decades by the time of Nostromo.
    It’s likely the other way around as opposed to what the author suggests.
    A whole bunch of engineers stows away on a Juggernaut, they lift off, before they can leave an infected pilot bursts.
    Then a Deacon picks them off one by one and eggmorphs them as seen in the DC version of Alien into a delivery vector for the creature we know and love.

    With what we learned from Prometheus, it’s unlikely that a face hugger even deposits any embryo.
    It probably injects the host with a specialized variant of black fluid that modifies the host DNA, causing it to grow a chest burster like a tumor, after the excessive effort for the system it requires a loot of energy/nourishment as seen in Alien.

    It fits nice for the delivery vector to be a mutagenic pathogen instead of an embryo, since it also explains all the different forms of Aliens depending on a species it develops inside.
    The vector is a basic, incomplete DNA composition that only becomes complete and viable after mixing with hosts DNA, filling its blank spots – thus different species -different breed of alien.

    1. D2Kvirussays:

      The xenomorph did exist prior to Prometheus in some way – there’s a bloody great mural of one of them in the urn chamber!

  63. Saw a comment down more about Predators sent to earth in Alien vs. Predators to kill the human race by bringing the “Alien” species to earth. My only problem with this is, is that technically the Alien in AVP has not evolved into that species. As you watch in Prometheus the Alien has not evolved yet. Which means AVP and AVP2 are just a different series because technically that Alien species has not evolved yet. If the predictor is brought into Prometheus I would think it would be cool if the engineers designed them too and actually destroyed the creators. Both races whipped each other off and once they go to the planet there are few survivors and just remains of what used to be a civilization.

  64. doramoraasays:

    OMG I didn’t even know that this movie is related to aliens. Why did they keep the name prometheus and not alien 4 it would have been more easier for me to find out that this movie is a prequel of aliens

    1. disqus_8KNz1o2Hfssays:

      For a start, Alien 4 already exists’s called alien resurrection and came out quite a while ago. I agree though that maybe the film name should have been a little different. I’m an Alien fan and didn’t know that this was an alien prequel until someone told me, (I’m a fan not meaning I’m some geek that has to search every minute to see if something Alien related is being made…just incase a ‘Troll’ somewhere reads my comment and wants to try pick on it lol) so i went and saw it once i actually knew.

  65. Dylansays:

    Ok so all that being said…How about the Predators….Honorable, Noble and Deadly. Could possibly the Engineers have created the Predators. Or possibly the Predators are at war with the Engineers but the thing is the Predators are not really War Mongers. Maybe the Engineers created the predators as a Tool to keep the aliens in check. Whom they created to Wipe out the Humans. Aliens as we know are only loyal to the Queen.

  66. IKilledChubssays:

    One thing I never got about the Alien movies was that why did the xenomorphs kill. The queen needed hosts for the face huggers to make more xenomorphs. And its was shown that the queen has some way to communicate with her ‘children’ so she could have told them to bring something back. Plus, its not like there was a lot of bodies to use anyway. The only prisoner they took was the little girl in Aliens (if my memory is correct). I know it makes for a better movie but it would have made more sense if the crew had been taken alive and not just killed.

  67. Enkeriasays:

    Hold on, wait? Did that movie answer questions? I think it just raised even more and we get 1 answer in the beginning and when its towards the end I just felt it should have been started like that. Thank god for clearification from youtube! And this coming from a guy who swallowed the first Matrix trilogy easy like pie.

  68. Josh Sherrersays:

    There is a major problem with this theory; in Alien the ship is described as thousands of years old. So, did Shaw take the alien to the past? I doubt it.

  69. raphael gouthiersays:

    Prometheus. An amazing, heart-stopping, and truly the definition of how a sci fi film should be… can’t wait to see the next one.

  70. raphael gouthiersays:

    Prometheus. An amazing, heart-stopping, and truly the definition of how a sci fi film should be… can’t wait to see the next one.

  71. JustAnOldFoolsays:

    I finished watching this movie with more questions than answers, after doing some research I wasn’t surprised to discover that it was written by the creator of the tv series “Lost”.

    The formula is simple: “Sorry buddy, but none of this is going to make sense unless you pay to watch the next movie”

    Remember when you watched Lost and thought: “These guys DO have an ending in mind right, they can tie all this together?….surely they aren’t just making it up as they go along?!” -it transpires that they were, literally, making it up as they went along…
    But at the end of the day: who needs logical explanations which may or may not be answered in the next episode…?
    Who needs a beginning, middle and an end when everything can just be ‘DNA related’ and tied together with pretty CGI and explosions…

    RIP plot, murdered by eye candy for the sheeple and a cheap marketing gimmick.

    1. Jimhadsays:

      the original script/story should’ve stayed in and kept the Lost writer out.

  72. Sonic Xsays:

    but in alien vs predator, the first one, they tell the story of how mankind worshiped the predators and it was the predators who created the aliens and used humans as cattle

    1. disqus_8KNz1o2Hfssays:

      It’s part of the original Alien films, a prequel, it has no links whatsoever to AVP. AVP is a separate line-up that links to predator.

  73. camaro_mangsays:

    alien, predator, vs terminators?

    1. camaro_mangsays:

      they could even bring in robocop?

  74. Thomas Humphreysays:

    Mostly Younger People Didn’t Get The Film…They Act Like They Know So Much:When They Don’t Know Squat!!!!!!

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