3 From Hell’s Bill Moseley Reveals The Horror Directors He Wants To Work With Next

3 From Hell

Rob Zombie’s next feature film, 3 From Hell, will be released on September 16th and horror fans are nothing if not excited. The movie forms a trilogy, after House of 1000 Corpses, which marked Zombie’s directorial debut, and The Devil’s Rejects, which continued the story of Corpses and brought us the seeming end of the Firefly family, as they drove headlong into a shower of police gunfire, all while “Freebird” by Lynyrd Skynyrd blared from the speakers.

But not all is what it seemed, as Captain Spaulding and the rest of the gang are somehow back and ready to go for round three. As such, many of those involved with the production are now out on the promotion circuit, trying to further stoke the fires of anticipation. And none other than acclaimed genre thespian, Bill Moseley, who plays Otis B. Driftwood in the franchise, has been more than happy to talk the film and anything else asked of him.

The actor, who first came to prominence as “Chop Top” in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, has opened up about many aspects of his storied career recently, including who he’d like to work with next. Specifically, Moseley pointed to Ari Aster and Panos Cosmatos as directors he’d like to make a film with, stating:

I’m certainly a big fan of Ari Aster, he did Hereditary, and really knocked my socks off with Midsommar. I thought that was amazing. And so, Ari is certainly one of those people [I’d like to work with]. And then Panos Cosmatos of Mandy. Mandy, that was amazing. So, I’ve been in touch with Panos, we connected on Twitter and he said that when he was a kid, Chop Top just scared the crap out of him.

So, I was glad to have been part of whatever might have helped form his artistic vision. I’m glad to have been a part of that. But those are the guys that, to me, are amazing. I would love to work with either of those guys.

It would certainly be interesting to see what these two fresh horror directors could do with someone like Mosely. Both of them have made some real good movies and perhaps if Rob Zombie doesn’t have more for the Firefly family to do after 3 From Hell, Moseley could find his next great role with Aster or Cosmatos.