Bill Murray, Tony Hawk and Elliot Page among new Oscars presenters

Oscar statuettes are displayed at Times Square Studios 23 January 2006 in New York. The statuettes will be presented to winners of the 78th Academy Awards 05 March 2006 in Hollywood.

The Oscars are coming up Sunday, and while the show has revamped its broadcast in divisive ways and is turning to multiple hosts for the first time since 2011, it just revealed a number of honor presenters palatable to the world at large.

Today the official account for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ revealed Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Stephanie Beatriz, as well as DJ Khaled, Jennifer Garner, H.E.R, Tiffany Haddish, Tony Hawk, Bill Murray, Elliot Page, Kelly Slater, and snow- and skateboarder Shaun White as some of the marquee presenters at the Academy Awards. A number of responses to the list were negative as of this story being filed. Some expressed doubt that Khaled has seen any of the work being recognized, such as CODA, Belfast, Don’t Look Up, and Japan’s Drive My Car road-drama film.

Others expressed disdain over non-actor athletes like Hawk, Slater, and White attending the awards ceremony, when Rachel Zegler, lead actress of Best Picture nominee West Side Story, recently revealed she did not receive tickets at all.

But, some were pleased. Fandom’s Eric Goldman said Tony Hawk was a fine choice, and did have a background in film. Hawk appears in Jackass Forever, and Police Academy 4, and Goldman said he should appear in more fourth entries.

“I refuse to snark about Tony Hawk presenting at the Oscars. The man is a goddamn legend and on the movie front, he was in Police Academy 4 AND Jackass Forever, damn it! (Oooh, he should be in more Part 4s! That can be his thing.)”

We’ll see how Hawk and the rest of his slate’s crew acquit themselves when the Oscars air on ABC.