Bill Murray Will Voice A Ghost In B.O.O.: Bureau Of Otherworldly Operations


There’s really only one group of individuals you can call if there’s something strange in your neighborhood. That’s right: DreamWorks Animation has recruited a Ghostbuster for their upcoming animated comedy B.O.O.: Bureau of Otherworldly Operations. However, in a deliciously ironic twist, Bill Murray won’t be playing one of the ghost hunters. This time around, he’s crossing over to the other side to voice a ghoulish haunter named Addison Drake.

B.O.O.: Bureau of Otherworld Operations will follow a new ghost, Jackson Moss (Seth Rogen), who is recruited to work at the titular agency in order to prevent evil ghosts from meddling in human affairs back on Earth. With the help of his new partner Watts (Melissa McCarthy), he embarks on a mission to take down the Most Wanted Haunter. No word yet on whether Drake is the film’s main antagonist, but his character is definitely one of the bad guys. So far, the film sounds like a fun cross between Monsters Inc. and Men in Black, and the involvement of a big-name star like Murray is never a bad sign.

R.I.P.D., which had a similar story and starred Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges, flopped spectacularly at the box office this past summer, though the story of good ghosts fighting bad ghosts always sounded like a much better fit for animation than live-action to me. A lighter take on R.I.P.D.‘s core concept doesn’t seem like a terrible idea, and DreamWorks Animation is usually great at turning out polished, entertaining kiddie flicks, so B.O.O. is certainly one I’ll be keeping my eye on.

The film also stars Jennifer Coolidge as perky transitions-relations officer Carol Sue and Octavia Spencer as Moss’ no-nonsense boss Captain Book. Rashida Jones and Matt Bomer co-star as Moss’ ex-wife and her new husband, who attempt to move on after Moss’ untimely death.

I’m excited to see the finished product, especially with this supremely talented cast. It’s too early to know for sure, but my gut says that DreamWorks has another box-office smash on their hands.

Don’t expect to be seeing trailers for the film anytime soon, as B.O.O.: Bureau of Otherworldly Operationsopens on June 5th, 2015. Until then, feel free to let us know in the comments section how you think this one will turn out.