Billie Lourd Says Star Wars: Episode IX Is Going To Be Magical


Though Lieutenant Connix has never been a major player in the Star Wars saga, the mention of Billie Lourd by name on the first cast list for Star Wars: Episode IX has led to a little speculation that the daughter of Carrie Fisher may have a bigger role in this upcoming trilogy-closer.

But regardless of what the future holds for the Resistance fighter, Lourd seems pretty happy with the time she’s spent on set, and thinks that J.J. Abrams’ next film is going to blow us away, hinting at magical things to come when she spoke to Entertainment Tonight:

“I gotta watch myself because the Star Wars PD is going to come get me, but it is incredible. I’ve read the script and I’ve been on set. I was on set for, like, three weeks back in September, and it is going to be magical.”

Like Lourd says, she’s not yet at liberty to divulge any real details, leaving the internet to speculate on what incredible content she could be teasing.

At the very least, you can imagine that this film is going to aim for a few emotional gut-punches, especially when it comes to bringing the Kylo-Rey saga to a climax. It was reported earlier this year, for instance, that actress Daisy Ridley was reduced to tears upon hearing Colin Trevorrow’s original pitch. And while a lot has changed since those days, it seems inevitable that Abrams will have a weepy finale of his own in mind.

A few months ago, Domhnall Gleeson admitted to reading the full script himself, but unlike his co-star Lourd, the General Hux actor lived to regret it:

 “I made the terrible mistake of reading the script, I know everything. The nightmare is falling asleep on public transport… The nightmare is you wake up on a plane and someone’s dictating. You wake up and your mouth is shaping words, you wake up and you’re like ‘Skywalker did this.’ And then you realize you don’t know how long you’ve been speaking, and there’s a kid filming, there’s somebody writing it down. And because you’re in the air, you say ‘We need to have a talk before we land, I can access my bank account.’”

Suddenly the Avengers 4 approach of not giving the cast members full scripts doesn’t sound quite so excessive. But whatever secrets are to be found in the screenplay for Star Wars: Episode IX, all will be revealed when the film hits theaters on December 20th, 2019.