Birds Of Prey Reportedly Begins Filming In 2019 With An All-Female Crew


Despite there being a multitude of DC films involving Harley Quinn supposedly in development, one could say that Birds of Prey beat out the rest of the pack because it was the one that actually had backing from fan favorite actress Margot Robbie herself, who’d been pulling for an R-rated girl gang flick.

Now, one would’ve expected for Suicide Squad 2 to have come first, but this project has really been taking shape as of late, with none other than Cathy Yan being enlisted as the director. And from the sound of it, other major positions will soon be filled as well.

According to Heroic Hollywood, not only will Birds of Prey go in front of cameras in 2019, but it’s expected to do so with an all-female crew. And by that, we’re guessing duties such as director of photography, costume designer, composer, and so on will each be filled by women, as opposed to everything right down to boom mic operators and gaffers being males.

birds of prey

As for 2019 marking the start of filming, that’s a very real possibility. With both Shazam and Wonder Woman 2 due to arrive in theaters that very year, prepping Birds of Prey for a 2020 release would seem like the logical thing to do, especially since Warner Bros. have no DC-themed tentpoles actually confirmed beyond 2019.

Right now, not much is known about the plot other than the fact that Harley Quinn and Batgirl will be the central characters. Personally, I could see this film essentially being a Birds of Prey vs. Gotham City Sirens affair, as Harley normally isn’t thought of as being a member of the former team. Then again, it could end up being a situation in which movies inspire the comics, with the former Clown Princess of Crime being integrated into the books around the time of theatrical release. Time will ultimately tell, but we’ll let you know as soon as we hear more.

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