Black Adam Producer Confirms Plans For Multi-Film Standalone Franchise

Black Adam

In the most shocking news you’re likely to hear all day, the producer of Black Adam, a comic book blockbuster featuring the world’s biggest and highest-paid movie star that takes place in cinema’s most bankable genre, has plans in store for a multi-film franchise.

Obviously, Dwayne Johnson is no stranger to sequels having made his feature debut in The Mummy Returns before going on to lend support in Get Shorty follow-up Be Cool, replace Brendan Fraser in the lead for family fantasy Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, resurrect Jumanji in a pair of massive box office hits, take top billing in G.I. Joe: Retaliation, and of course become part of the Fast & Furious family in the fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth installments before getting his own spinoff.

Despite such extensive experience in the world of franchise filmmaking, though, it’s incredible to think that Johnson still hasn’t launched a series of his own from the ground up, but having stuck with the project for almost fifteen years, Black Adam finally hits theaters next summer and is virtually guaranteed to do big business. In a new interview, the star’s producing partner Dany Garcia confirmed that they indeed plan to have a long-term working relationship with Warner Bros. and DC Films, saying:

“We want to do many films. We’re excited about our long-term relationship with DC on this property.”

Garcia is also Henry Cavill’s manager, and there’s been no shortage of speculation that the DCEU’s canonical Superman could finally use up those remaining options on his contract by showing up in potential Black Adam sequels, something the leading man has admitted on more than one occasion that he’s definitely open to. Either way, the cosmic epic is a longtime passion project for Johnson, one that hopefully delivers the goods when it arrives.