Black Adam Producer Says Spinoff Announcements Are Coming Soon

black adam

Although the relationship between the two chrome-domed action stars is officially fractured beyond repair, Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel to retain one thing in common; almost everything they lend their names to is either part of an established franchise, or intended to launch a new one.

Johnson’s upcoming slate includes potential multi-film Netflix series Red Notice, along with sequels for Jumanji: The Next Level, Jungle Cruise and Hobbs & Shaw, while Amazon’s Red One is intended as the beginning of an entire holiday universe, and his DCEU debut Black Adam comes to theaters next summer.

Producer Hiram Garcia admitted a long time ago that the latter will be just the first of many superhero outings for Johnson, and in a new interview with Collider he teased that spinoffs for Black Adam are already close to being officially announced.

“I think when it comes to the DC Universe — this is the great thing about being at Warner and DC — is you have gigantic conversations with all the tentacles there of being able to generate content and tell these stories. So we have met with everyone from every corner of DC Universe about how we can bring certain characters to life, how we can continue and build out the worlds on some of these characters, and it’s just about finding the right home for it.

But nothing is left off the table when you’re dealing with characters of this nature and scale and in terms of how we can best deliver more content to the fans. So that continues to go, and you’re going to start to hear announcements regarding some of these characters and who we’re going to finally be able to tell a little bit more on going forward.”

Outside of direct sequels, we’re fully expecting Black Adam to cross over with Shazam! in the not too distant future, while Henry Cavill’s Superman is also a name that comes up regularly. Apart from that, you’d imagine the Justice Society of America are prime candidates for their own solo adventure, so we’re talking Inception-level world-building if the movie launches a franchise within a cinematic universe that also leads to spinoffs.