Watch: Awesome Fan Video Teases Black Adam’s DCEU Arrival

Black Adam

DC fans have been waiting for Black Adam to make his cinematic debut for the longest time. Dwayne Johnson has been attached to the role, after initially being courted for Shazam, for the better part of a decade, but finally the project is now going somewhere. The Black Adam solo movie is due to arrive in the next couple of years. Thanks to the pandemic, it’s not going as swiftly as intended, but the DCEU fandom is still keeping themselves hyped for the film.

This amazing fan-made animation, for example, teases the coming of Teth-Adam in the franchise. Popular digital artist Venomhology has created this short clip which sees the anti-villain lurking in a dark, ancient cave. The caption explains the concept behind the video: “Deep in the caves……..he is imprisoned……….banished for eternity……..yet they seek him…..”

Check it out below:

The caption seems to be referencing the character’s origins in the comics, which have changed several times over the years but generally involve Adam being trapped in a tomb for centuries until he’s finally released. Presumably, the DCEU iteration will borrow similar ideas. Though we should also expect some changes and innovations made to his storyline.

From what we know, Black Adam will see The Rock’s ruler of Kahndaq face off against the Justice Society of America instead of his typical nemesis, Shazam. This suggests the setting of the film will be circa the 1940s. Johnson has spoken about how the role appealed to him due to Adam’s more noble nature, as a former slave who sought great power for the sake of his people, so expect a pretty multi-layered portrayal.

As per the original plan, Black Adam should have been shooting already to hit its December 2021 release date. Instead, it’s been pushed back to this fall, but it’s unknown how that will affect when it’ll land in theaters. Hopefully, it’ll prove to be worth the wait when Adam finally escapes his bonds and makes his big entrance in the DCEU.