Black Panther Composer Says Four-Hour Director’s Cut Exists


Right now, we’re sure that pretty much everybody and their mother have seen Black Panther. Not only did it just enjoy one of the biggest second weekend box office takes in history, but it may also rake in more cash than even 2012’s The Avengers did when it’s all said and done. Suffice it to say, Disney may be left with enough loot to finance a real life lab that’s on par with Shuri’s once we get the final tally.

And with such impressive numbers being posted, we expect eventual Blu-ray and DVD releases to sell like hotcakes. What’s especially funny is that, in this instance, the potential for bountiful bonus content and/or souped-up packages is very much a reality, as composer Ludwig Goransson dropped this nugget in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter:

“I remember the first director’s cut was four hours long, but I already had a lot of material written and recorded. So, I actually scored the four-hour cut of the film. Which is really great.”

Granted, I enjoyed Black Panther as most moviegoers did, but I’m glad that its theatrical release was trimmed down to a modest two hours and fifteen minutes. Having confessed that, I’m sure most fans appreciate that as well, considering how hard it may be to stay put in a seat for such a lengthy period.

Amazingly, Ryan Coogler’s epic felt in no way truncated or like significant story gaps were present. Still, you have to admit that if Disney ever elects to roll out that four-hour director’s cut of Black Panther sometime down the line, fans will no doubt be lining up to own a copy – and understandably so.