11 Black Panther Easter Eggs You May Have Missed

The Next Black Panther

One character the fans have instantly taken to from Black Panther is Letitia Wright’s Shuri, T’Challa’s genius little sister. Not only does she act as his own personal Q, supplying him with high tech gadgets, but she can handle herself out in the field, too.

It’s not a surprise, then, that the character succeeds her brother as Black Panther in the comics. An allusion to this is hidden in the film as well, specifically in the design of her sonic gauntlets. They’re clearly modelled after panther heads. Likewise, there are a pair of panther-like teeth on her chin-guard.

Interestingly, Wright has said that Ryan Coogler was tempted to hint at Shuri taking up the mantle in the movie, but ultimately decided against it in order to focus on T’Challa. However, the actress remains open to it occurring at some point in the future of the MCU.