The Critics Hail Black Panther As Revolutionary In Latest TV Spot


T’Challa looks about ready to pounce in this blistering TV spot for Black Panther. Only this time, there’s a twist.

While Marvel Studios has shared a staggering amount of footage from Ryan Coogler’s celebrated spinoff – teasers, trailers, featurettes…you name it – today’s preview is all about the critics and their love for Wakanda.

Embedded below, we’ve stitched together a two-minute supercut for your viewing pleasure. And with superlatives like “revolutionary, exhilarating, and incredible” plastered over the footage, it’s pretty clear that Black Panther is performing well among critics.

Indeed, it’s currently simmering at 98 percent over on Rotten Tomatoes, and while there are those out there who wish to sabotage the film’s audience score, the Internet’s biggest movie aggregator has vowed to clamp down on any hate speech that begins to pervade RT. Besides, with so many glowing reviews littering the interwebs, it’s abundantly clear that Marvel Studios has another mega-hit on its hands.

Exactly how high Black Panther will climb is the real question, as analysts predict a suitably huge four-day opening in North America. $150 million is the current estimate, meaning T’Challa’s origin story has a fair chance of dethroning Deadpool to become the biggest opening ever for a February release. Incidentally, the newly-released trailer for Deadpool 2 is expected to play before Black Panther, meaning the Merc will be bringing some R-rated goodness to compliment Marvel’s operatic family drama.

Long live the king! Black Panther will begin its rollout overseas tomorrow, February 13th, before T’Challa stakes a claim for the U.S. box office throne on February 16th. And remember, this is a Marvel movie, so be sure to hang around after the credits roll for two MCU-related stingers.