Black Panther Meets Wolverine In Awesome Fan-Made Trailer


Did you watch the recent Black Panther preview thinking, “This is awesome, but it could use more Wolverine?” Well, if you did, then you weren’t alone in this bizarre train of thought, as a new fan-made trailer edits together footage from the X-Men movies and what we’ve seen of the aforementioned Marvel film to create a fierce battle between Hugh Jackman and Chadwick Boseman’s superheroes.

The video comes courtesy of YouTuber Stryder HD, who’s imagined other unlikely cross-universe crossovers before, such as Punisher vs. DeadpoolBatman vs. Punisher and, on the horror side of things, Michael Myers vs. Jason Vorhees. His most recent effort is just as impressive as his past work and fans of both characters will definitely get a kick out of it.

At first, Black Panther and Wolverine seem like a strange choice of heroes for a team-up movie. As the trailer makes clear, though, T’Challa and Logan actually have a fair bit in common when you think about it. They both have a predatory animal motif for example, with each of them sporting metal claws. Not only that, but they also make use of the two most powerful metals in the Marvel universe. Wolverine’s skeleton is coated in adamantium while Black Panther’s suit is made from vibranium, native to his homeland of Wakanda.

But would it ever be possible for Wolverine to actually crossover into the MCU? Well, now that Hugh Jackman is retired from the role, there’s a minute chance that Fox might hand the character back to Marvel, or maybe even come up with a co-production deal like Sony did with Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Sadly, though, we’re not sure relations between the two studios are cordial enough for something like that to happen. Even if Jackman did say that he might return to the part if an MCU appearance was on the cards.

Black Panther arrives in cinemas on February 9th, 2018, while Logan is now available on Blu-ray and DVD.