Marvel Fans Freaking Out Over Black Widow Being Delayed

Avengers: Endgame Black Widow

In news that was as inevitable as Thanos, Marvel officially announced today that Black Widow will be delayed given the current global health crisis. In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, many – if not all – major theatrical releases are being pulled from their original release dates. Of course, Disney had been holding back on this one, but this afternoon word came out that Scarlett Johansson’s first solo outing in the MCU has been delayed indefinitely.

The other delays were bad enough, but this one has got Marvel fans everywhere reeling. Given how meticulously the studio plans out their release date schedules, many are wondering about the larger repercussions of Black Widow being delayed. Not to mention it’s just a huge bummer to have to wait even longer for Natasha Romanoff’s own movie, as we’ve already been waiting a whole decade as it is. In short, the internet’s kinda freaking out.

COVID-19 – you’ve gone too far this time.

We all knew this would happen, but it doesn’t make it any easier to find out.

We all hate it here!

*Screaming ensues*

This monkey is all of us.

Things just got worse.

Why?! What did we do to you, coronavirus?

Still, this is only the second worst thing to happen to Nat in the past year. Hint: number one involves a cliff…

Others, though, are trying to remain positive. There’s no point releasing it now – it’s much better to wait until the world has got over the worst of this pandemic and fans can enjoy the opening installment of Phase 4 together.


As said above, Marvel has yet to assign a new release date for Black Widowunlike other delayed films such as No Time to Die and F9Fans seem to be in agreement that a shift to late summer would be best, but we’ll have to see whether the studio agrees. For now, we just need to sit tight and keep ourselves safe until we get to watch the movie.