Black Widow Fans Are Loving David Harbour’s Red Guardian

Red Guardian Black Widow

The first trailer for Black Widow arrived today and fans are going crazy for it. Sure, everyone’s loving Scarlett Johansson getting her own solo movie as Natasha Romanoff, especially those scenes that show her rocking an all-white suit. But they’re also loving the looks at the supporting cast the teaser gave us, too. There’s Florence Pugh’s Yelena, Rachel Weisz’s Melina and, last but definitely not least, David Harbour as Alexei Shostakov AKA Red Guardian.

In the comics, Red Guardian is the Russian equivalent of Captain America. Having being powered up by a version of the Super-Soldier serum, he’s at the peak of physical fitness and is a dangerous threat. He was also once married to Natasha. The MCU take on him, though, is completely different. Harbour’s Alexei has let himself go since his superhero heyday and he appears to be more of an embarrassing uncle to Nat rather than an ex-lover. And fans can’t get enough of him.

I mean, he’s threatening to steal the film away from ScarJo…

“DAVID YOU BEAST!” That sums up all our thoughts, really.

Move over, Jim Hopper. Folks have a new favorite Harbour character.

Comic book readers are amazed that Marvel managed to make the Red Guardian suit work in live-action. It’s just a shame the same can’t be said for the Taskmaster costume.

This is actually a very good point. That’s some seriously impressive binge-drinking/eating, Alexei!

Some are even calling for Marvel to give him his own Disney Plus series. Thankfully, WGTC has heard that there are plans for more of the character after BW.

But wait – does this reveal what actually happened to Hopper after Stranger Things 3?

Captain America, who? Marvel fans are all about the Red Guardian now, so get ready for Harbour’s MCU debut in Black Widow, arriving on May 1st.