Black Widow Listed On VOD Service, Hinting At Disney Plus Release

Black Widow

The upcoming Mulan has set a major precedent, what with it opening both in limited theaters and on Disney Plus through a new premium Premier Access level. Everyone’s now wondering whether Black Widow will be given the same treatment when it arrives this November, when the health crisis and people’s worries about piling into cinemas probably won’t be that different from now. Disney still has yet to comment on this, but a new scrap of evidence may point to the Scarlett Johansson vehicle going up on streaming alongside its theatrical run.

Video on demand service Movies Anywhere has Black Widow listed on its site, as first noticed by MCU Cosmic. There isn’t any artwork attached to the listing, so it’s possible it was just automatically generated as the film would have come out on digital around this time if it had hit cinemas back in May as expected. However, the listing cites the movie’s release as November 6th, suggesting it isn’t just a holdover from its original schedule.

This is far from conclusive proof, then, but it is something to add to the pile of reasons why it’s likely Disney is planning on dropping Black Widow on Disney Plus in November. Disney CEO Bob Chapek did say when Mulan‘s streaming release was announced that it was a one-off situation, but there’s every possibility that the studio is simply holding off on announcing anything further until they get the numbers back after the live-action remake arrives in early September. If it’s a hit with subscribers, then expect an official announcement about BW coming to D+.

There could be some price variation, but presumably the Marvel movie would cost users an additional $30 on top of the subscription fee, like Mulan. A lot of folks have complained about the hefty surcharge for that film, but many have also said that they wouldn’t mind paying it for Black Widow instead. For now, we’ll just have to sit tight and see how this situation develops, but in the meantime, let us know if you want the pic to land on D+ or not in the comments section below.