Black Widow Release May Be Delayed Yet Again


In a year characterized by unexpected circumstances, we’re a little over eight weeks away from the release of Black Widow and despite the movie marking the long-awaited solo debut for one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s most popular characters, not to mention the launchpad for the franchise’s post-Infinity Saga Phase Four, as well as the end of the longest wait between new installments in a decade, most of the recent conversation has been about whether or not we’ll even get to see it on time.

Disney and Marvel have remained firm on the rescheduled November release after first delaying Black Widow in March, with the rest of their upcoming output swiftly following suit, but as we get closer to the date in question, rumors have started making the rounds that the studio are considering pushing it back even further.

Recent reports have indicated that the Mouse House are waiting to see what kind of numbers Mulan pulls in as a Disney Plus exclusive before making a final decision, while we heard from our own sources that certain executives were keen on the idea of shunting Black Widow into 2021 in order to maximize the potential profit margins.

The latest speculation comes from Deadline and says that another delay is looking increasingly likely, though Disney has yet to publicly comment on the matter. Tenet is the first big budget blockbuster to hit theaters since March and seems to be doing okay at the box office, and studio Warner Bros. still have Wonder Woman 1984 set for the first weekend of October. If WB gets cold feet and pulls their comic book blockbuster, though, then there’s every chance that the Mouse House will follow suit and wait until things have returned to a greater sense of normality before giving audiences Black Widow.