Blood Red Sky Ending And Hijacking Subplot Explained

Blood Red Sky

If you’re a Netflix subscriber, then the chances are high that you’ve seen Blood Red Sky already, the vampiric horror thriller that’s comfortably nestled at the top of the most-watched list. The high concept hybrid has been generating strong reviews along with a good amount of social media buzz, and it provides ideal late night or weekend entertainment for fans of the genre.

The hijacking subplot was necessary to get the bad guys into the picture, but it would be an understatement to say it was half-baked at best. The full plan is only known by Dominic Purcell’s Berg, who dies early on, so it sort of makes sense that nobody really seems to know what’s going on once he’s out of the way. The terrorists were planning to send the plane crashing into London and frame a Muslim passenger for the attack, with Kais Setti’s Faird being specifically set up for… reasons, although the passengers throw their own conspiracy theories around to increase the mystery.

Blood Red Sky

Once the plane hits the ground, the army thinks Farid is responsible based on his ethnicity and the snippet of a recording that was picked up from midair, and even when he pleads his innocence nobody believes him. He then reunites with youngster Elias, who then blows up his own mother to kill both her and the remaining vampires. Or does he?

Blood Red Sky is a mother/son story at heart, and Elias makes the tough choice because Nadja is fully feral by the end of the film. However, we saw a semi-turned Eightball survive being trapped in a car that was set ablaze, so Nadja at her strongest may have been able to withstand the blast. It was left deliberately ambiguous, and it wasn’t confirmed whether she’d died or not, potentially leaving the door open for a sequel.