Blumhouse CEO Wants Nicolas Cage To Star In One Of Their Movies


Even if some of their films haven’t been your cup of tea, none of us can deny the force in the industry that Blumhouse Productions has become. In the past decade or so, they’ve enthralled audiences with new franchises such as Paranormal ActivityInsidious, Ouija, The Purge and, my personal favorite, Sinister, to name but a few. Not only that, but they’ve managed to add the beloved Halloween series to their pantheon – and with a kick-ass score from John Carpenter to boot.

As for what the future may hold is anybody’s guess, but it stands to reason that the folks at the top are thinking big going forward. In fact, CEO Jason Blum had this to say when it comes to landing one of the more recognizable names in Hollywood while recently speaking with Forbes:

“And I had no idea that Nicolas Cage wants to work with Blumhouse, I’m a huge fan of his, and I love that he’s a huge fan of ours. Seriously, I’d love to have him in a Blumhouse movie; he’d be great. I see him as perhaps a very concerned father of a teenage boy who has had something terrible happen to them. It would be amazing. I’m going to have to figure that out.”

Well, if the feeling is mutual, then I’m guessing it’s only a matter of time before Cage signs up for a Blumhouse picture. Of course, it boils down to his availability and if he’s given the right script, but the stars are aligning pretty well in this case.

As you could imagine, I’d like to see him as “a very concerned father of a teenage boy who has had something terrible happen to them” in Sinister 3, though I’m well aware of how Sinister 2 didn’t make enough money to warrant a threequel. Still, hope remains as Blum and company have toyed with the idea of a crossover with Insidious.

When it comes to Blumhouse Productions‘ next offering, Halloween, know that you can catch it in theaters beginning on October 19th.

Source: Forbes