A Sinister-Insidious Crossover Could Still Happen At Blumhouse


In recent years, Blumhouse has proven to be a powerhouse in the horror genre, having introduced us to new franchises such as Insidious, Ouija, Paranormal Activity and The Purge. Personally, my favorite of the bunch – and my favorite horror movie of this decade – is that of Sinister, and I’ve been anxiously awaiting some sort of news regarding a threequel.

Well, oddly enough, it looks like I may one day get my wish – though with a bit of a twist. You see, when Jason Blum was recently speaking with CinePop, he confessed that not only had a SinisterInsidious crossover been discussed, but it one day coming to fruition is a very real possibility:

“We almost did Insidious and Sinister… and I still feel like we might do that. So I think so. I think we’re gonna cross our worlds at some point. I don’t know how yet. But we’re gonna try.”

After hearing that, here’s my message to Mr. Blum: Please continue trying. Even though I felt Sinister 2 didn’t achieve the heights of the original, I still enjoyed it, and would be game to watch a crossover. All I ask is that it utilize the awesome ambient music that the Sinister franchise has become known for. In my view, the spooky tunes are one of the highlights.

To be honest, a mashup of the two series could work. After all, Bughuul, the most sharply dressed evil deity around, resides in another dimension of sorts. And with Insidious often exploring “the Further,” there’s much room for overlap.

Regardless, Blum seems to be keen on doing more Insidious flicks, should the current offering succeed at the box office:

“There’s no plans right now. But if the movie is successful, we’ll definitely make another one. I don’t know what it will be about yet, but I’d love to make another installment. The most we got to was Paranormal [Activity]. We had six [films]. So maybe we’ll try and beat it with Insidious. Maybe we’ll do seven.”

Truth be told, Blumhouse shouldn’t get too overzealous with Insidious. Lest we forget, they beat the dead horse that was Paranormal Activity for all that it was worth to the point that not many people showed up for the finale.