David Gordon Green Will Return For Both Halloween Sequels


Jason Blum says he’s getting the whole crew back together for the upcoming Halloween sequels. Following the success of the aforementioned 2018 slasher film, Blumhouse is reassembling the entire cast and crew to work on Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends. It’s already been reported that Jamie Lee Curtis would return for the follow-up, but now it’s official that she, Danny McBride, John Carpenter and David Gordon Green will all be onboard for the next couple installments.

Blum had already expressed his desire for Green to return to helm the next film so fans were hoping that a reunion was inevitable. The accomplished director had mostly been known for his comedic projects before teaming up with McBride to bring the tale of Michael Myers and Laurie Strode into this decade. Audiences were pleasantly surprised when the filmmaker gave them a terrifying horror film that was worthy of following up the 1978 original.

Now, Green will be tasked with the challenge of directing two movies that are just as scary back-to-back. The flicks are slated to come out within one year of each other, with Halloween Kills premiering next October. This doesn’t give those involved a lot of time, so hopefully the tight window doesn’t negatively impact the final product. Horror sequels generally tend to get worse as they go on, but many fans are optimistic that this won’t be the case for these new installments.

Bringing back Green and company was a crucial step for Blumhouse to ensure that these upcoming features are just as great as their highly successful predecessor. Halloween Kills will hit theaters on October 16th, 2020 and Halloween Ends will follow a year later on October 15th, 2021. These could be the last of the Halloween franchise for the foreseeable future, too. Or, if Blum has his way, they could just be the beginning.

Source: Twitter