Halloween Sequel Confirmed To Be Headed For Reshoots Next Month


In what’s shaping up to be a busy week for the Halloween camp, multiple casting sites are reporting today that Blumhouse’s horror sequel is headed for reshoots next week – reshoots deemed necessary in order to fine-tune the film’s finale.

A call has been put out for multiple high school students, though the exact details of said scene are still being kept under wraps. All we know for sure is that the additional photography is scheduled to take place on Monday, June 11th, in Charleston, South Carolina, by which point we’ll have already laid eyes on the first teaser trailer for David Gordon Green’s hotly-anticipated sequel.

It’s due to hit the interwebs this Friday, June 8th, and promises to be every bit as bone-chilling as John Carpenter’s cult classic from ’78. Returning to the fold for this one is Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode, and the actress and all-around scream queen legend has already warned fans to pack their adult diapers in anticipation of Halloween‘s arrival in October. And Laurie? She’s seemingly turned “into a warrior” since her first brush with Michael Myers.

Hell, the reactions from CinemaCon were so good that Halloween now finds itself among some of the most anticipated movies of 2018. And while there have been some conflicting reports about the content shown, Bloody Disgusting notes that next week’s reshoots were ordered after the first test screening, so it’ll be interesting to see how Green and his team adjust to audience expectations.

Haddonfield swings its doors open to Halloween once more when David Gordon Green’s follow-up creeps out of the shadows and into theaters on October 19th. Stay tuned to WGTC for full coverage of what is sure to be a spooky trailer reveal on Friday.

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