Blumhouse’s Halloween Sequel Headed For Reshoots


Aside from any superhero film arriving in cinemas this year, I’m pretty sure that Blumhouse Productions’ Halloween sequel is the movie I’m most looking forward to for the immediate future. I mean, not only have I been a fan of the franchise for what seems like forever, but I’m also highly intrigued to see how this flick will continue the story begun by the original, effectively ignoring all followups in between.

If you’ve also kept up with news regarding this ambitious picture, then odds are you’ve heard something about the strange ballad we’ve had to endure in recent memory.

Long story short, it was said that the first test screening for the film was poorly received by those in attendance – before it was flat-out denied such an exhibition ever took place. Not knowing who to believe, we can at least take solace in learning that those fortunate enough to have seen some confirmed footage at CinemaCon were apparently dancing in the aisles.

Now, according to the folks over at Bloody Disgusting, the advance showings that allegedly never took place did, in fact, happen. On top of that, this entry into the Halloween series is said to be going back in front of the camera for reshoots with the intention of making some alterations to the finale – based on audience feedback.

This information doesn’t surprise me too much, as the third act was reported to be something that didn’t sit well with the test viewers we mentioned earlier. Granted, additional photography is standard procedure in the industry, so all we can do is hope that director David Gordon Green and his colleagues are able to put together the best product possible here.

Halloween opens in theaters on October 19th.

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