Blumhouse Promises That Halloween Ends Will Be Fresh And Fun


When you think about the thirteenth installment in a long-running horror franchise that centers around a terrifying and almost supernatural serial killer, ‘fun’ isn’t exactly the first word that comes to mind. 2018’s Halloween brought the tired series roaring back to life in a hybrid of sequel and reboot that resulted in the best reviews that any movie starring Michael Myers had received in 40 years, as well as becoming the highest-grossing installment by a massive distance.

That kind of critical and commercial acclaim has only increased expectations for upcoming sequel Halloween Kills, which is still scheduled to hit theaters in October because otherwise, what’s the point? Everyone involved has been talking up the latest entry as an altogether bigger, badder and nastier beast than its predecessor, one that looks to hit that sweet spot between innovation and nostalgia in order to draw in the largest possible audience.

Kills was shot back-to-back with Halloween Ends, which is set for October 2021 and looks to bring the latest trilogy to a close. While everyone has been making various drug-related analogies when talking about the middle chapter, studio Blumhouse recently took to social media and claimed that they were in the process of adding a healthy dose of fun to Halloween Ends, as you can see below.

There’s always room for fun in the horror genre, as long as it doesn’t come at the expense of the story or the scares, and the unlikely creative duo of David Gordon Green and Danny McBride showed us enough with their initial take on the long-running series that both Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends look to be in safe hands, and this sense of fun won’t stretch so far as to mirror the sort of stoner comedies on which both of them built their reputations.