Former Bond Girl Supports Having A Female 007, Says It’s Time For Change

Bond 25

It might be no time to die, but it’s time for a female 007, according to one former star of the franchise. This hasn’t been officially confirmed as yet, but reports say Lashana Lynch’s character in the upcoming movie, No Time To Diewill take over the codename 007 from Daniel Craig’s James Bond. Of course, this has caused some vocal criticism from fans, but one of the series’ most iconic leading ladies is fully supportive of the development.

Jane Seymour played Solitaire opposite Roger Moore in 1973’s Live and Let Die and she recently told The Mirror that she’s totally behind a female 007. In fact, it seems she has complete faith in producer Barbara Broccoli to treat the franchise in the right way.

“More power to the women… why not? It’s time. Barbara Broccoli has steered this ship quite ­brilliantly, in my opinion.”

Of the backlash it’s receiving, Seymour says it’s all relative and attitudes change. She made the apt comparison that folks were against anyone replacing Sean Connery originally and now different actors playing Bond is an accepted tradition.

“I remember, when I did Live And Let Die, Roger Moore joined after Sean Connery and everyone said that can never happen..”

Bond fans will know that a spinoff film for Halle Berry’s NSA agent Jinx Johnson was originally due to happen after her debut in 2002’s Die Another Day. And when asked if she thinks a new female-led spinoff would work today, Seymour was all over the idea. She even wants to be the new M.

“I am a huge fan of Halle Berry , and a huge fan of Barbara’s so yes, why not? It is a very good idea. Take me too. I’ll be her M. I love the franchise.”

Of course, Seymour isn’t the only graduate of the franchise to support a female 007. Pierce Brosnan went even further and commented that he wants a woman to play James Bond after Craig bows out of the role. A gender-flipped Bond may still be too much for people right now, but Seymour’s probably right that everyone will just accept a woman taking over the 007 codename once we get to see the movie.

Speaking of which, No Time to Die is due to hit screens next April. Expect the first trailer for it sometime in December.