Sony Developing James Bond Spinoff For Female 007

James Bond

When No Time To Die opens next spring, it’ll have been nearly five years since the last James Bond film released. The 25th installment in the never-ending franchise may have taken its time, then, but it looks like Sony has plans to get the wheels going on expanding the brand soon after. Maybe even with a female-led spinoff.

We Got This Covered has been informed by our sources – the same ones who told us Black Widow 2 was happening, which Scarlett Johansson all but confirmed yesterday, and that a She-Hulk show was coming to Disney Plus – that the studio is developing a spinoff project starring Lashana Lynch’s character, who’ll be introduced in Cary Fukunaga’s movie. As has been extensively reported on, Lynch – who’s been credited as “Nomi” so far – is playing a female 007. There’s been a lot of confusion about this, but from what we understand, Lynch isn’t the new James Bond but rather another MI6 agent using his old codename.

At the end of Spectre, Daniel Craig’s super-spy left his job behind to drive off into the sunset with latest beau Madeline Swann (Lea Seydoux). Presumably, the Captain Marvel star is his successor in No Time To Die. As this is set to be Craig’s final outing, it looks like Nomi will continue to inherit the codename after the end of the film. Which gives Sony the opportunity to create more stories around her, without Bond around.

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time a spinoff movie for a woman of color has been in the works. Halle Berry portrayed NSA agent Jinx in 2002’s Die Another Day and producers were initially so impressed with her that they considered doing a solo film based around the character. However, after DaD was poorly received, the project was nixed. Hopefully, No Time To Die will prove to be a hit and Lynch’s James Bond spinoff can go ahead.