Bond Girls Now Have To Be Addressed As Bond Women On Set


The James Bond franchise is finally getting with the times. After decades of blatant sexism, the series is now taking steps towards trying to be more inclusive. The next installment of the franchise is already set to be groundbreaking due to the inclusion of the first ever female and black 007 spy played by Lashana Lynch, but the changes don’t stop there. Even when the camera aren’t rolling, those involved are committed to making this next film the most inclusive one yet.

This is why “Bond girls” must now be referred to as “Bond women” on set. It’s a subtle change and one that likely doesn’t mean much in the long run, but it’s at least an effort being made to try to be less misogynistic. Though it pales in comparison to the groundbreaking arc of Lynch’s character, it’s a worthwhile demonstration that hopefully shows women that they’re more than just prizes for the titular character to win.

Changes like this have been a long time coming for the iconic franchise. After all, fans have long been open to the idea of a gay or transgender James Bond, while Idris Elba, a prominent black actor, has been rumored to be next in line for the role for years. Even the legendary British Secret Service agent’s current actor, Daniel Craig, has said on the record that he thinks the next iteration of the character could change race or gender.

It seems as if this dramatic shift towards inclusion was inevitable for the long-running action series and finally treating women with more respect both on and off the camera is a vital change that shows the franchise is serious about coming into the twenty-first century. While some may scoff at the move from “Bond girls” to “Bond women” as being unimportant, the principle behind it certainly makes the change worthy.

James Bond‘s next adventure is tentatively entitled Bond 25: Shatterhand and is expected to be released into theaters on April 8th, 2020.