Study Shows Fans Are Open To A Gay Or Transgender James Bond


The 25th James Bond movie, which is currently in the midst of what’s said to be a very messy production, will likely be Daniel Craig’s last outing as Britain’s iconic secret agent. With the actor’s retirement looming, fans have now begun placing bets on just who might pick up the license to kill next, floating out every possible name from Henry Cavill to Charlize Theron.

And while it’ll probably be some time before we get an official announcement on Craig’s replacement, an interesting new poll has revealed that when it comes to the British public at least, people are pretty open to the idea of deviating from what we’ve seen before. Granted, the majority of those surveyed would still prefer Bond to be male, and have Idris Elba step in for Craig, but it seems that having a female Bond, or even a gay or transgender Bond, would be accepted as well.

Indeed, 28% of people polled said they want a female 007 while 51% would at least be open to it. Their top pick? Angelina Jolie, followed by Olivia Colman and Charlize Theron.

Meanwhile, 28% said they want a black James Bond and 60% say they’d be open to it. And when it comes to gay and transgender, 18% want the former while 13% support the latter. Those aren’t huge numbers, but in regards to how many people would be open to it, 47% said they’d be willing to accept the idea of having James Bond be gay and 35% said the same for if the super spy was transgender.

These are definitely interesting results, and no doubt the producers behind the franchise are listening closely now as they begin to zero in on who may replace Daniel Craig and become the next James Bond. Frankly, we can’t imagine them going with a woman or someone who’s gay or transgender simply because it’s too far of a deviation from the source material and would lead to an absolute storm of controversy online, but in the current climate we live in, I guess you never really know.

Tell us, though, who would you like to see as the next 007? Have your say in the comments section down below.

Source: My Lotto 24

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