Awesome New Fan Art Shows Us How Carnage Might Look In Venom 2

Venom Poster Slice

Three things are a guarantee in life: taxes, death and BossLogic’s insanely awesome fan art. In anticipation of Venom 2 starting to film this November, the popular graphic artist has now released his interpretation of the sequel’s villain, Carnage. And absolute carnage it is.

Of course, this isn’t the first vision of Venom and Spider-Man’s villain that Kode, which is (maybe) what his mama calls him, has shared. But every creation of his seems to get better with each iteration.

Usually, he throws a celebrity’s face in there, too, which helps drum up support for that actor or actress nabbing the role. I know you all remember what Daniel Radcliffe looks like as Wolverine. We have good ol’ BossLogic to thank for that and while there’s no actor pictured in the art below, it’s still an awesome rendition of how Carnage may look in the film. We included his previous design for the character as well, as both are worth checking out.

With the Sony/Disney split still fresh, how exactly Venom 2 will turn out is still a little up in the air. We know that Tom Hardy is set to return though, which is no big surprise, and Amy Pascal, one of the film’s producers, has emphasized that ever since we witnessed Hardy’s Eddie Brock sitting in a tank of lobsters, there’s no way fans could see anyone else playing the character. Frankly, she has a point.

Andy Serkis will be behind the camera this time around, too, replacing Ruben Fleischer, and thankfully, Woody Harrelson will reprise his role as the psychotic Cletus Kasady and his even more sinister alter ego, Carnage. There’s been talk of the movie earning an R-rating as well, which, how could it not? Venom has no filter when it comes to eating people, but even he’ll feel the shock and awe when Carnage ratchets up the body count.