#BoycottWB trends as SnyderVerse supporters rally the troops

Justice League

As the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas meme would say; “Ah sh*t, here we go again”.

There’s nothing quite like the SnyderVerse fandom out there in the pop culture sphere, with supporters of Zack Snyder’s DCEU refusing to give up a fight that Warner Bros. aren’t even interested in fighting at all. Barely a day goes by without calls for the restoration or resurrection of the mythology, while Twitter users have subtweeted the studio, HBO Max and even incoming corporate overlords Discovery into the ground on virtually everything they post.

Their dedication can’t be faulted, even if the four-hour version of Justice League is the sole morsel they’ve been given to feed on, which was more than enough to see it become one of social media’s most talked-about projects of 2021, and that’s continued well into the new year.

As you can see from a smorgasbord of reactions below, we’ve now reached a point where a boycott on anything and everything WB-related is being demanded unless the SnyderVerse is left untouched from a canonical point of view.

The entire thing is based on conjecture that Ben Affleck’s Batman and Henry Cavill’s Superman will be kicked to the curb via The Flash, which would act as a soft reboot of the entire DCEU. We’ve got another ten months to go until we find out if that’s even true, so your timeline could be in for a bumpy ride between now and then.