Here’s How The Boys Star Could Look As The MCU’s Jean Grey


A lot of fans would be in agreement that when Marvel Studios get around to rebooting the X-Men and introducing them into their shared cinematic universe, two things they’d be better off leaving out entirely are Wolverine and an adaptation of the Phoenix Saga. After all, stepping into Hugh Jackman’s shoes as the iconic mutant is an almost impossible task, while Fox managed to botch the beloved comic book storyline twice in The Last Stand and Dark Phoenix, the latter of which is widely regarded as the worst X-Men movie ever.

However, in a coincidental twist of fate, two stars of Amazon’s smash hit superhero show The Boys have found themselves linked to Wolverine and Phoenix, respectively. Homelander actor Antony Starr admitted that he’d love to be the next Logan, while his co-star Aya Cash fancied a change from the psychopathic Stormfront and revealed that she wanted to be Jean Grey, Rogue or even Beast.

Now, some new fan art from ApexForm imagines how the 38 year-old actress could look as Phoenix in the MCU’s upcoming reboot, and you can check it out below.

Jean Grey has always been an important part of the X-Men both in the comic books and on the big screen without actually being given a great deal to do in either timeline until she turned to the dark side, but after the Phoenix Saga was bungled twice in thirteen years, Kevin Feige and his team more than likely have no interest in revisiting it again. Unless, of course, they want to rub salt into the wounds of the former Fox franchise by showing that Marvel Studios are the only ones that could do it justice.