Bradley Cooper Being Eyed For Daredevil?

Bradley Cooper is quickly turning into one of the top leading men in Hollywood. His most recent film, Limitless, has opened to pretty solid reviews and now rumor has it that he is being eyed to play Daredevil in the upcoming reboot, that is being directed by David Slade. A source close to the film told Showbiz Spy that “Daredevil is an exciting character and a unique challenge for an actor. Bradley is top of the list of actors to take the lead role and it sounds like he’s interested.” Along with Cooper, names like Garret Hedlund and Robert Pattinson have been thrown into the mix as potential actors to play the lead role.

Cooper has shown his strength as a leading man on a few occasions and I actually think that he would make a good superhero. The closest he has come to a ‘hero’ was probably in The A-Team and he was probably the best thing about the film. Personally, I think Cooper is great in almost everything he does and he’s one of my favorite actors. He has great charisma and is very watchable in any role he plays. I’d love to see him take on the role of Daredevil.

What do you think?