Brie Larson Says She Wants To Live A More Transparent Life Moving Forward

Brie Larson

Brie Larson wants to be more open to her fans as well as the outside world in general. For long, the actress best known for her role as Captain Marvel in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has hidden parts of her personal life from both the press and internet. Appearing on an episode of Hot Ones, however, she said she desires to become more transparent moving forward, explaining:

“I think for so long my internet perception was like, through a press day. I always felt if I revealed too much about myself that then people wouldn’t be able to believe me as other characters. So that’s really been something that I’ve always held really close to my chest… there’s a lot that people don’t know about me and a lot that I guess deep down I’ve been too scared to be so vulnerable on the Internet.”

Larson’s concern is a valid one, as a celebrity’s life is all but considered public property. This was true even before the advent of the internet. In this day and age, however, people can express their opinion quicker and with greater ease than ever before. Granted anonymity by the world wide web, their criticism has become fiercer as well as more intrusive. And that’s not even talking about PC culture.

On top of that, her role as Captain Marvel has proven to be particularly divisive. While many praise Larson for becoming Marvel’s first female lead in a standalone film, a good deal of the internet also resents the character she portrays. Criticisms of Carol Danvers have ranged from the character being boring to Larson’s performance coming off as lacklustre.

Brie Larson wants to become more open about herself for other reasons, too. No longer wishing to hide her flaws, she wishes to present herself as who she is, without the guise of either Hollywood PR teams who work for her or the lenses of the filmmakers she works for.