Brie Larson Shares Captain Marvel BTS Photos To Celebrate Her MCU Anniversary


We don’t have a big Comic-Con event happening in San Diego this year, so let’s cast our minds back to July 2016 instead. Marvel hosted one of their much-anticipated panels in Hall H and revealed the MCU’s Captain Marvel to the world for the first time – Brie Larson, who had won the Best Actress Oscar earlier that same year.

It seems Larson herself is feeling the nostalgia this week, too, as she’s celebrated four years of being Carol Danvers on social media. Earlier today, she shared eight pics from behind the scenes of the 2019 origins movie and from her own life as she snapped merchandise and advertising for the film. “Looking back at photos,” the star wrote in her first post. “It’s been the privilege of a lifetime to be your captain marvel. Can’t believe this all started at ComicCon 4 years ago today.” In the second tweet, Larson added, “4 years since becoming captain marvel.”

Larson was cast so early back in 2016 because it was originally planned for her to appear in Avengers: Infinity War, which was filming the following year. In the end, though, Marvel decided to make Captain Marvel her debut role in the MCU. She did, however, have a supporting turn in Avengers: Endgame, which was released after CM but shot beforehand. To date, Larson’s only made the two appearances in the franchise, but those two movies have earned over $4 billion combined, which goes someway to showing how much of an impact she’s already made on pop culture.

It’s possible that Carol could turn up in Disney Plus’ Ms. Marvel show as well, but she’ll definitely be back in Captain Marvel 2the last Phase 4 movie currently on the slate, which is scheduled for July 2022. Meanwhile, Captain Marvel is also expected to be a leading member of the New Avengers when Earth’s Mightiest Heroes reunite for another team-up flick.