Brie Larson reacts to hilarious ‘Captain Marvel’ fan art

Brie Larson will be relieved The Marvels has finished shooting, after fans were left in awe by the impressive feats of strength revealed by the Academy Award winner on social media as she shared videos of her intense training regimen for the Marvel Cinematic Universe sequel.

Captain Marvel may have earned over a billion dollars at the box office to go down as one of the highest-grossing non-Avengers movies in franchise history, but it wouldn’t be unfair to suggest that fans don’t hold Carol Danvers’ origin story in the greatest esteem, something the cast and crew will be seeking to rectify when the second installment arrives in February 2023.

That doesn’t mean the character isn’t without a huge number of fans, and Larson herself stepped in to react to a botched piece of fan art that went viral on Twitter over the weekend, which you can check out below.

Naturally, the memes started flowing after that, with countless enterprising Photoshop enthusiasts re-editing various posters and promo images from Captain Marvel to replace Larson’s visage with the less realistic version that caught the internet’s attention. We can probably expect the craze to resurface the closer we get to the release of The Marvels, even though that isn’t for a while yet.