Brie Larson Shares Amazing Captain Marvel/Wonder Woman Fan Art


Superhero fans being superhero fans, there tends to be a lot of chat about who would win between Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel in a fight or which of the two heroines is a better character. Carol Danvers and Diana Prince themselves, though, have shown nothing but support for each other. Marvel’s Brie Larson and DC’s Gal Gadot have been sending positive messages to each other on social media for ages and just last month, they finally met face to face.

Following this heroic union, artist Andre Manguba has shared some amazing fan art depicting the Amazonian goddess and the Kree-powered captain linking arms. Manguba’s tweet already went viral, with over 12k likes, but the Avengers: Endgame actress brought it to a much bigger audience when she retweeted it to her millions of followers.

Gadot saw the artwork, too, and she replied with three heart emojis.

Obviously, a Marvel/DC crossover like this one is not going to happen anytime soon on the big screen, so it means a lot that Larson and Gadot have developed this multiverse-bending online friendship. It’s also a bonus that Larson is giving excellent fan art a boost like this – while also retweeting the original tweet, so folks know who the creator is.

Both leading ladies have sequels for their characters on the way, too. Wonder Woman 1984 is first up, with the follow-up – which will bring back Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor, with Pedro Pascal and Kristen Wiig joining the cast – due to hit cinemas this summer. Captain Marvel 2 is coming as well, but it’s still a couple of years away, at least, as production isn’t starting anytime soon and it’s yet to be officially slotted into Marvel’s Phase 4 slate.

Brie Larson and Gal Gadot first met at February’s Oscar ceremony, sharing their adorable, hilarious selfies on social media. It was an encounter that Larson had apparently been waiting years for. Us too, Brie. Us too.